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How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive

John Muir (1918-1977) was an aerospace engineer whom worked for Lockheed, that "dropped out," 1960s-style, with become a long-haired automobile technician with a garage inside Taos, New Mexico, specializing inside upkeep plus repair of Volkswagens. He is a descendant of the naturalist John Muir. In 1969, Muir collaborated with all the cartoonist Peter Aschwanden with create the conclusive guide for Volkswagen owners entitled How with Keep The Volkswagen Alive; A Manual of Step-By-Step Procedures for the Compleat Idiot. Entirely hand-lettered with intricate hand-drawn illustrations, Muir's self-published edition available over 2 million duplicates with become the most lucrative self-published books inside history, when its wry subtitle preceded (plus probably inspired) the unending flow of "for Dummies" books from IDG Publishing, plus additional "idiot's guide with..." books. Currently, the 19th Edition, with up-to-date information by Tosh Gregg plus Aschwanden remains commonly accessible.

Although initially published at the finish of the 1960s, the Volkswagen was an iconic 1960s car, plus inside retrospect this book is iconic of hippies' cool homemade, make-do culture.

Muir's next book, published inside 1973, The Velvet Monkeywrench, was an ambitious attempt with, because Muir place it, "lay out this structure, the bones of the completely fresh establishment," a proposal which included detailed plans for the substitution of the United States of America with all the Republic of North America. The book remains accessible from Ocean Tree Books.

Muir died inside November 1977 of the mind tumor, only brief of his 59th birthday. In 1999, John Muir Publications was available with Avalon Travel Publishing, with publishing rights with How with Keep . . . going with Avalon.
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