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Ford Transit Diesel 2000-2006 Haynes Service Repair Manual

Pre-facelift (2000--2006)

The 2000 Transit, launched in July 2000, ended up being the next all-new build, and borrowed design cues from Ford's "brand new advantage" design, like the Focus and Ka. Manufactured by Ford in america, the main development is the fact that it is for sale in either front- or rear-wheel drive. Ford nomenclature renders this the V184 (rear-wheel-drive) or V185 (front-wheel-drive) model. This design features the "Puma"-type Duratorq turbo diesel system also found in the 2000 Mondeo and Jaguar X-Type, aided by the petrol variations moving up into 2.3 L 16-Valve edition associated with straight-4 engine. With this particular motor, the Transit can get to 60 mph (97 km/h) in 21 seconds and achieve a top speed of 93 kilometers per hour (150 km/h), coming back they to car-like performance as stated for earliest models. A demonstration for this model's speeds had been revealed at the top equipment in 2005, where German battle driver Sabine Schmitz experimented with push they all over Nrburgring in under ten full minutes, matching Jeremy Clarkson's time in a turbodiesel Jaguar S-Type; she was unsuccessful, marking her quickest lap at 10m 8s.

This version claimed the worldwide Van of the season 2001.
Ford transportation pre-facelift

The Durashift EST automated transmission (recommended on all rear-wheel-drive products) qualities controls installed on the dashboard, a specially modified manual mode, tow-haul mode, economy mode and winter months mode.

2002 spotted the introduction of 1st High Pressure Common Rail diesel engine within the transportation, utilizing the publish associated with the 125 PS (92 kW) HPCR 2.0-litre into the FWD. Creation of the van started during the brand-new Ford-Otosan plant in Kocaeli, Turkey which spotted the termination of all manufacturing within Genk, Belgium plant which had been creating Transits since 1965. This coincided with all the introduction associated with Transit Connect (also produced in Kocaeli), an inferior panel van in line with the C170 (Focus) system and directed at replacing the elderly Escort and Fiesta built products. Inspite of the title, the Connect does not have any engineering commonality using full-size Transit.

2003 saw a new tool cluster with an electronic digital odometer.

2004 saw the introduction for the first RWD HPCR, the 135 PS (99 kW) 2.4-litre variant that can introduced the 6-speed MT-82 RWD manual gearbox.

The five millionth transportation rolled from the Southampton line on Monday, 18 July 2005 and was contributed to an English charity.
Facelift (2006--2013)
Ford Transit (facelift)
Ford transportation (renovation)
Ford Transit XXL

The 4th generation transportation, obtained a facelift into the body, introduced in August 2006, including new front and rear lighting, a new forward end and a unique indoor featuring the gearstick regarding dashboard and Ford's brand new corporate broadcast design. Form styling modifications, the powertrains had been modified. The old petrol motor had been changed with one through the Ford Ranger, the front-wheel-drive diesel moved from 2.0 to 2.2 litres ability, and all diesel engines attained high-pressure common railway (TDCi) methods. The powertrains had been altered to meet new emissions legislation. The newest variation (Ford nomenclature V347 for front-wheel drive and V348 for rear-wheel drive) won worldwide Van of the season for 2007 despite tough competition from a number of all-new rivals. This transportation found its way to Mexico to replace the Freestar following the 2007 model 12 months. This was initial Transit creating a five-cylinder motor.

Mid-2006 spotted the publish regarding the "athletics Van", a production van featuring the 130 PS (96 kW) system with further styling components, "Le Mans" stripes and 18-inch alloy rims.

Late-2007 saw the introduction of this 140 PS (103 kW) motor for front wheel drives (replacing the 130 PS) that includes the VMT6 6-speed manual transaxle to cope with the additional power.

The 6-speed transaxle was introduced in the mid-power FWD in belated 2008 whenever 110 PS (81 kW) motor had been upped to 115 PS (85 kW).

In late-2008, the "coated Diesel Particulate Filter" (cDPF)---designed to generally meet higher emission requirements compared to the current Euro IV requirement---was introduced as a choice on all diesel machines. Manufacturing finished in 2013, after that Asia introduced they in 2 modified types.


2.2 l Diesel, 63 kW (85 PS); 2006--2014
2.2 l Diesel, 81 kW (110 PS); 2006--2008
2.2 l Diesel, 85 kW (115 PS); 2008--2014
2.2 l Diesel, 96 kW (130 PS); 2006--2007
2.2 l Diesel, 103 kW (140 PS); 2007--2014
2.4 l Diesel, 74 kW (100 PS); 2006--2014
2.4 l Diesel, 85 kW (115 PS); 2006--2014
2.4 l Diesel, 103 kW (140 PS); 2006--2014
3.2 l Diesel, 147 kW (200 PS); 2007--2014
2.3 l Petrol, 107 kW (146 PS); 2006--2014

To commemorate the transportation's reputation as International Van of the season 2007, Ford built this stretch style van --- the transportation XXL. It really is an original special that's one of the more expensive Transits ever.

Durashift EST (Electronic change Transmission) features electric control with handbook collection of gears, obtainable in 4, 5 or 6 equipment configurations.

The 2000-2006 Ford Transit featured a Durashift EST automated transmission. It have different settings, like: Economy, winter months and Tow-Haul mode.

The existing Ford Mondeo services Durashift in a 2.3L, 6-speed automatic powertrain.

In addition to the Mondeo, the Fusion and Fiesta properties Durashift EST in a 1.4L, 5-speed automatic powertrain.
Solenoid or piezoelectric valves making possible fine digital control of the gasoline injection some time amount, in addition to higher force that common rail technology presents provides best fuel atomisation. To lessen system sounds, the system's digital control product can inject handful of diesel prior to the key injections occasion ("pilot" injections), thus lowering its explosiveness and vibration, along with optimising shot time and quantity for variations in gasoline high quality, cool starting an such like. Some higher level typical railway gas methods play as much as five shots per stroke.

Common train motors require a rather short (< 10 seconds) to no heating-up time, depending on background heat, and create reduced motor noise and emissions than older methods.

Diesel motors have actually historically used various kinds of gasoline shot. Two common kinds through the device shot system and the distributor/inline pump techniques (See diesel engine and unit injector to learn more). While these elderly systems offered accurate fuel volume and injections time control, they were restricted to a few aspects:

They certainly were cam driven, and injections pressure ended up being proportional to engine rate. This usually implied that the highest shot pressure could only be accomplished at greatest system speeds plus the maximum attainable shot stress decreased as system speed decreased. This partnership does work along with pumps, even those used on common train systems. With device or provider techniques, the shot stress try tied to the instantaneous force of just one pumping occasion without any accumulator, and thus the connection is more prominent and problematic.
They were restricted when you look at the number and timing of injections events that would be commanded during a single combustion event. While several injection events become possible with these older methods, it is so much more difficult and expensive to attain.
For the typical distributor/inline program, the start of injection took place at a pre-determined pressure (also known as: pop music force) and concluded at a pre-determined stress. This characteristic resulted from "dummy" injectors inside cylinder mind which started and shut at pressures based on the springtime preload placed on the plunger within the injector. After the stress when you look at the injector reached a pre-determined levels, the plunger would lift and shot would begin.

In accordance train methods, a high-pressure pump shops a reservoir of gas at ruthless --- up to and above 2,000 pubs (200 MPa; 29,000 psi). The word "typical rail" is the proven fact that every one of the gasoline injectors become given by a typical gasoline rail which can be nothing more than a pressure accumulator where in actuality the gas try stored at questionable. This accumulator supplies numerous fuel injectors with high-pressure fuel. This simplifies the purpose of the high-pressure pump because they best must preserve a commanded stress at a target (either mechanically or electronically controlled). The gasoline injectors are typically ECU-controlled. When the gas injectors were electrically triggered, a hydraulic device (consisting of a nozzle and plunger) is mechanically or hydraulically opened and gas try sprayed into the cylinders during the desired stress. Since the fuel stress energy is accumulated remotely while the injectors tend to be electrically actuated, the shot stress from the beginning and end of shot is extremely close to the pressure into the accumulator (rail), hence making a square injection speed. If the accumulator, pump and plumbing work were sized correctly, the injections stress and price could be the exact same for every single associated with the numerous shot activities.

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