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Ford Falcon Fairlane BA BF series repair manual Ellery 2002-2008 NEW

The Ford Falcon (BA) are a full-sized car from Ford Australian Continent from 2002 to 2005. It was the second dramatically re-engineered version regarding the sixth generation of the Australian-made design, and also included the Ford Fairmont (BA)---the luxury-oriented form of the Falcon. This platform additionally formed the foundation associated with the Ford Territory sport energy vehicle.

To handle the reasonably poor reception associated with preceding AU series, the BA series is rushed for publish in September 2002. They featured a substantially modified plus traditional external styling, with every panel latest except for the carry-over home skins. Interiors, also, had been substantially modified, while mechanically, a brand new independent rear suspension system setup ended up being fitted to all sedan derivatives plus the motor and transmissions gotten considerable improvements. In October 2004, Ford introduced a Mark II improve, taking delicate styling and mechanical modifications, and in October 2005, changed the BA utilizing the BF.

In the best period of 2002, the BA model obtained the influential tires automobile of the Year award, breaking a 36-year drought. The BA furthermore won four consecutive Australia's Top automobiles honors, spanning 36 months. The design's share of the market briefly topped that of its primary competition, the Holden Commodore on two occasions, but have failed to match those of the record-breaking EL Falcon.
The Ford Falcon (BF) was a full-size vehicle that has been from Ford Australian Continent from 2005 to 2008. It was the 3rd and final iteration of sixth generation with this Australian-made design and included the Ford Fairmont (BF)---the luxury-oriented type of the Falcon. The place truck continued until 2010, alongside the new 7th generation Falcon range.
The BA design represented a A0 million financial investment, and 24,000 hours of system and toughness testing. Germany's Nrburgring test track was utilized for some suspension evaluating. The anti-lock brake system and digital security controls had been calibrated in Sweden, including Australian Continent.
Outside build

Outside styling had been led by design director Scott intense, after that main fashion designer for Ford Australia. After Strong departed from functions at Ford in 2001, Simon Butterworth took more than this role. Ford Australia's intention would be to write a European influence for vehicle, whereby most aspects of the AU's "unique advantage" design would be revised. The effect ended up being a substantial update of current AU human body layer, in place of a completely new design. The BA model introduced an integrated aerial in car's back screen, instead of the standard retractable antenna. The aerial position improved the automobile's aerodynamics and ended the breakage problems that had plagued the retractable kind available on previous products. Interestingly, interference from system didn't affect the radio reception.
Home design
XR8 (MkII) internal fitted with all the premiums sound package and recommended "deluxe Pack"

From the inside, the "brand new side" inside associated with the AU is discarded in preference of a modern design, based upon European design. Marcus Hotblack, the director of interior design, centered on enhancing functionality. The ensuing build had been an ergonomically-correct interior demand centre, highlighted because of the satin-finish center console. The motif is more stretched because of the sound and cruise control switches' venue on tyre.

A prominent feature of newer demand centre was a sizable liquid crystal screen which exhibited information regarding the atmosphere fitness unit and sound system. Purchasers could choose for a premium sound package, standard regarding the Fairmont Ghia, which included a full-colour screen. Ventilation outlets are larger than those of previous designs, resulting in a cabin that would be more effectively and effectively heated or cooled. Another changes is the headlamp change, which was today on the end of turn signal stalk for much easier go.

Internal colour systems varied from model to model, but shared a typical build strategy. The entry level XT featured a black colored vinyl panel the higher 1 / 2 of the dashboard, with often a black, charcoal, or beige panel the lower 1 / 2. Not all the alternatives offered the unique colour palette; the recreations alternatives couldn't become optioned utilizing the two-tone interior.

Sold between October 2005 and February 2008 in sedan and energy body kinds or as a truck until Summer 2010, the BF show introduced many technical updates, including however limited to an elevated compression ratio (10.3:1) and enhanced now-independent double adjustable cam time from the six-cylinder machines and better knock sensing on DOHC 3 Valve V8 which, along with ECU alterations, generated increases in energy, torque and fuel economy, necessary to comply with recently introduced Euro III emissions criteria. The modifications into six-cylinder motor more reduced the engine's already lower sound and vibration while increasing power from 182 to 190 kW (244 to 255 hp). Using the BF, Ford introduced a six-speed automatic developed by German providers ZF and Bosch. The XR6 Turbo got an electrical enhance to 245 kilowatts (329 hp), combined with the ZF six-speed automatic.

Because of the BF Falcon Ford updated the tips and safety for the Falcon, changing the aging Tibbe lock program with a Huf made 2 track key.
Design number

The BF Falcon going production in October 2005 until it absolutely was updated with the Mk II in October 2006.

Its original range made up the next model alternatives:

Falcon XT sedan and truck
Falcon Futura sedan and wagon
Falcon XR6, XR6 Turbo and XR8 sedan
Fairmont and Fairmont Ghia sedan

In February 2006, the minimal version Falcon SR has also been established with an increased degree of products in accordance with the XT.

Powerplants contained both straight-sixes and V8s, aided by the entry level Barra 182 six-cylinder being an important enhancement within the AU Falcon's six. The bottom design engine contained substantial mechanical changes like double infinitely variable cam timing for an increase of 25 kW (34 hp) of power for a complete of 182 kW (244 hp). The Barra 182 may also make use of greater octane fuels, in which a tiny enhance of torque is possible. The 156 kW (209 hp) LPG-only Barra E-Gas system had been provided as an option on lower requirements brands.
LPG-powered variants of this BA number are generally utilized as taxis throughout Australian Continent.

A turbocharged variation of Barra engine ended up being introduced in a brand new XR6 Turbo design and created 240 kW (320 hp) of power. A 5.4-litre V8 changed the Windsor engine regarding the AU. The latest V8 was a modified type of Ford's us Modular V8 for sale in two variations: the Barra 220 creating 220 kW (300 hp) and a 260 kW (350 hp) supervisor 260. This new system is smoother, even more fuel efficient, and quieter as compared to engine it replaced.
Engine Engine Power Torque
4.0 L Barra 182 I6 182 kW (244 hp) 380 N*m (280 lb*ft)
4.0 L Barra E-Gas I6 156 kW (209 hp) 372 N*m (274 lb*ft)
4.0 L Barra 240T I6 240 kW (320 hp) 450 N*m (330 lb*ft)
5.4 L Barra 220 V8 220 kW (300 hp) 470 N*m (350 lb*ft)
5.4 L Boss 260 V8 260 kW (350 hp) 500 N*m (370 lb*ft)

Two transmissions had been readily available for the BA---a four-speed automated and a five-speed manual, both floor-mounted. The automated unit featured Sequential recreations move, an initial the Falcon nameplate in Australia. Energy human body types had been additionally offered with an optional column-mounted automated shifter (without Sequential recreations Shift) in place of the floor-mounted system in addition offered. The latest Control-Blade separate rear suspension system (IRS) fitted to all sedans---first used in improvement the Ford Focus and Jaguar X-Type--- was more advanced than the optional dual wishbone IRS suspension used on AU sedans, and is economical. But is weightier than the earlier real time rear axle useful for base designs, together with modification added into the base design XT sedan's 130-kilogram (287 pound) weight boost from the earlier model. The wagons and resources retained the leaf spring real time axle back suspension associated with the AU truck and energy; consequently, they would not get as much weight while the sedan.

The BA Falcon has also been smoother on the road, with increased towing capabilities from previous systems. Fuel consumption when you look at the Barra 182 is measured at 12.5 L/100 km (18.8 mpg-US) for town driving and 8.2 L/100 km (29 mpg-US) for highway driving. These numbers were government figures, assessed indoors utilizing a dynamometer. Real-world evaluation has revealed that an extra 12% is ingested.

Traveler safety was an integral build aspect for the Ford engineers. Anti-lock brakes are standard on all products; electronic brakeforce circulation has also been standard of all variants. The addition of grip control for higher trim values aided to avoid reduced traction. Moreover, dual front side airbags are a standard fitment across the number; side-impact airbags are prepared on higher luxury level including the Fairmont. In an accident security evaluation performed by ANCAP, the BA design scored 27.27 from a possible 37 points, giving a rating of four away from five performers.

Regarding 6 October 2006, the BF Mk II is officially established by previous Ford Australian Continent President Tom Gorman. BF Falcon MkII went on purchase 22 October 2006. The XT, Futura and Fairmont sport a facelift, with a brand new bonnet, headlights, grille and front and back bumpers, whilst XR range gets some minor inside changes. The top of the range Fairmont Ghia benefitted more from the BF Mark II improvement compared to the various other designs in range, including additional chrome and diamond finished alloy tires. The Fairmont Ghia furthermore showcased sportier body kit with part skirts built to result in the vehicle more appealing to young purchasers. Inside, the Fairmont Ghia showcased a piano black finish regarding center pile, chrome plated home manages and a brushed aluminum appearance on instrument group.

In the last months of production (July 2007 onwards), the XR6, XR6 Turbo and XR8 obtained a unique version human anatomy system with dark-gray inserts regarding the bumpers and skirts (November 2007 onwards), shadow chrome 18" alloys with dark-gray inserts on the spokes, and premiums Sound/Climate Control as traditional. The normally aspirated XR6 had been gifted these alternatives just with the added choice of ZF six-speed automated. In New Zealand the automobiles utilizing the special edition human body system are referred to as 'Rebel' design together with Rebel badging using Rebel title sewn to the leather headrests. The NZ Rebel products included most of the optional upgrades.

It's interesting to notice that most of the Falcon's triumph in Australia may be related to Ford Australia (and indeed additionally Holden) continuing to handle equivalent difficulties that resulted in the Falcon's introduction inside sixties: the opposition of Australian Ford buyers to "small" versions. Attempts to offer the united states Ford Taurus in Australia and New Zealand as a possible future alternative to the Falcon proved devastating. Conversely, the Mondeo - which proved unpopular in Australian Continent (but profitable in brand new Zealand)---is the largest model available from Ford in Europe considering that the Scorpio is dropped in 1998.

While the BF show sedans and utes had been changed because of the FG number in February 2008, Ford maintained the truck in Mk III guise. The Futura design had been stopped making the beds base design XT truly the only model leftover, primarily for fleets. By this time around, indeed, private buyers looked to the Ford area instead.

The Falcon Mk III gained Dynamic Stability Control (available on petrol powered models just), the newest flip key through the FG series, satin alloy accents regarding front side grille surround, 'hot Charcoal' carpet, Goodyear quality tyres and Mk III badging.

The BF wagon is stopped in belated 2010 and was never ever changed straight.

Falcon XT

Marketed largely towards the fleet industry, the entry level Falcon XT sold in the most figures. Featuring the bottom Barra 182 six-cylinder motor, air-con, front energy microsoft windows, and five-speed handbook transmission, aided by the selection of a four-speed automatic, the XT is offered in sedan and facility truck system kinds. The Barra 220 V8 system is available as a choice. Judges of Australian Continent's Best automobiles awards crowned the XT Best Family vehicles in 2002, and again in 2004, using the Futura getting the prize in 2003.


The semi-luxury Futura variant ended up being heavily based on the XT, and promoted towards family. Futura versions attained cruise controls, 16-inch alloy tires, back energy windows and full body-coloured side-view mirrors and side-protection moldings. But, side-impact airbags and power flexible pedals are just offered as alternatives.

Falcon XR6

Building on popular features of the XT, Ford Australian Continent at one-point considered perhaps not releasing the sports-oriented Falcon XR6 because of the brand new XR6 Turbo model. But Ford overturned this choice before production. A specifically designed system kit distinguished the XR6 off their variants, except for the XR6 Turbo and XR8 which shared the recreations bodywork. The obviously aspirated motor is identical to the engine utilized on the XT and Futura, therefore the five-speed guide transmission came as standard.

The newly launched Falcon XR6 Turbo (XR6T) obtained vital recognition at publish, additionally the Australian Continent's ideal vehicles's judges also awarded it the Best low rider under ,000 in 2002. At heart visually identical to the XR6, the turbocharged derivative attained additional services, because of the extra turbocharger boosting the vehicle's total power production to 240 kW (320 hp). The turbocharger try a Garrett GT35/40 product.

Falcon XR8

Becoming the leading activities variant, the XR8 credited specifically tuned activities suspension, sitting trim showing the "XR" insignia, 17-inch rims as well as the latest 5.4-litre Boss 260 motor, outputting 30 % more power compared to earlier model.


The Fairmont model opened the luxury industry when it comes to BA range. Externally, the Fairmont could possibly be recognized through the other BA brands having its 16-inch alloy tires and gray mesh grille with chrome surround. Some of the standard qualities included traction controls and dual-zone weather controls air-conditioning, an analogue time clock at the top centre console pile, timber whole grain features, and velour upholstery. Automatic headlights, which turn off or on according to surrounding ecological circumstances, were today standard regarding Fairmont design. Furthermore, the Fairmont also gotten illuminated footwells. The essential mechanical setup held over from the XT, although buyers could select the Barra 220 V8 engine.

Fairmont Ghia

Probably the most costly variant within the BA number, the Fairmont Ghia showcased leather upholstery, wood whole grain highlights, full power options and a unique suspension assembly. The premium sound system, which incorporated a full-colour Liquid Crystal Display display screen, is standard, and the centre system stack was characterised by an analogue time clock. Reverse parking sensors had been readily available for the very first time when you look at the BA, traditional in the Ghia. The detectors function an automatic turn-off features for use whenever towing a boat or truck for instance.

Falcon Ute

The BA show Falcon utility was launched in October 2002 in six brands guises.

XL Taxi Chassis
XL Styleside
XLS Taxi Chassis
XLS Styleside
XR6 Styleside
XR6 Turbo

They were later on accompanied by two further systems:

XR8: re-introduced into the range at the beginning of 2003 (final noticed in the last AU III series).
RTV: was launched in September 2003. The name "RTV" stood for "durable landscapes automobile" and showcased an increased trip level, further underbody defense, a lockable back differential, an original grille, flared protections and 16-inch alloy wheels. Initially dubbed "Hi-Ride" before launch, during the early 2003 Ford Australian Continent held a competition to locate a name for this variant, with "RTV" launched while the winning entrant in July.


Ford introduced the Mk II (BA II) Falcon in October 2004 to steadfastly keep up business interest before 2005 introduction of this BF update. Customizations included some cosmetic changes and a unique six-speed Tremec T56 guide transmission changing the five-speed on XR6 Turbo and XR8 systems.

The Mk II XT included the following modifications within the Mk I: MKII badge, larger spokes in the hubcaps, car headlights, cruise controls standard, and a new glass holder.

The Futura design gained power adjustable pedals, and part airbags, with a DVD activity program available on upmarket trim values. The XR8 sedan variant also obtained the premiums audio system.

Engine requirements continue to be unchanged. All designs promote the exact same six-speed manual and are now provided with a recommended SS made ZF six-speed automated (exactly like featured in Jaguars and BMWs). The GT received the GT-P's older 19-inch tires, as well as the GT-P and Super Pursuit gotten their certain roadway wheel designs. Typhoon & Tornado variations have optional 18-inch roadway wheel design applied to the earlier design, or an innovative new 19-inch design with black colored spokes. All designs obtained latest human body kits, using the F6 Typhoon profiting from its own special styling adjustment. The F6 now have shade coded fog lamp surrounds, and a lesser barbecue grill place emphasizing the intercooler. A corner now had an innovative new bumper with mesh inserts, a deeper diffuser, with all the GT products now sporting a dual exit exhaust program slashed to the diffuser.

2006 BF MkII revision

No technical modifications were launched using this inform; however, all designs arrived standard with 19 inch rims. Discreet styling changes were made, but the most crucial development was the development of brand-new energy 6 and Force 8 versions. Built to rival HSV's Senator trademark, they're mechanically exactly the same as the auto-equipped GT design, however in a more luxury-focused package with an increase of traditional visuals (no back wing plus traditional color number). The power products is basically an FPV version of the Fairmont Ghia (luxury model within the Falcon range). When you look at the final months associated with BF MkII Falcon, numerous limited-edition designs were circulated - the GT 40th Anniversary, the F6 Typhoon R-Spec, the GT Cobra sedan as well as the Cobra Ute - that gotten stiffer "R-Spec" dampers, and in the case for the GT Cobra, an electric enhance. (The GT Cobra motor created 405 hp (302 kW) and 398 lb*ft (540 N*m)).

300 roentgen Spec design Typhoons were produced in 2007, these have various Ardent Dark Silver colour accents on tires and spoilers, fabric upholstery, R spec floor mats, Brembo 4-pot front brake system, ten among these R-Spec Typhoons are exported by Ford Australian Continent into Ford New Zealand, of the ten, one was fitted with a 6-speed handbook transmission while the various other nine had been built with 6-speed automatic transmissions.

Best 200 BF GT 40th Anniversary products were produced, which makes it the rarest and a lot of sought-after associated with restricted edition versions, whilst was launched to commemorate including celebrate the 40 year anniversary of this Falcon GT legend in Australia, which extends back into 1967 aided by the release of the initial XR GT Falcon.

These methods showcase ultrasonic distance detectors determine the distances to nearby things via detectors located in the front and/or back bumper fascias or aesthetically minimized within adjacent grills or recesses.

The detectors give off acoustic pulses, with a controls unit measuring the return period of each and every shown signal and calculating object distances. The system in turns warns the driver with acoustic tones, the regularity showing object distance, with quicker tones suggesting better proximity and a continuing tone showing a small pre-defined distance. Methods might also add artistic helps, such Light-emitting Diode or LCD readouts to indicate object distance. A vehicle can sometimes include a vehicle pictogram regarding vehicle's infotainment display, with a representation of this nearby items as colored obstructs.

Rear detectors may be triggered when reverse gear try selected and deactivated when other equipment was selected. Forward detectors are activated manually and deactivated instantly when the automobile reaches a pre-determined rate --- to avoid subsequent nuisance warnings.

As an ultrasonic systems depends on the expression of sound surf, the machine may not identify level things or item insufficiently huge to mirror sound --- e.g., a narrow pole or a longitudinal object directed directly at car or near an object. Things with level surfaces angled through the vertical may deflect return sound surf from the detectors, hindering detection.

The Parking Sensor, initially labeled as, ReverseAid, is a spin-off through the Sonic Pathfinder - an electric advice product for the Blind. Both equipment had been devised in belated 1970s by Dr Tony Heyes while working during the Blind transportation study product at Nottingham college in the united kingdom. After patenting these devices in 1983 Heyes provided it to Jaguar automobiles in Coventry. After test travel the model on Heyes's automobile they most politely informed your that, "you prefer it since you is a one eyed motorist which cannot judge distances. Real men and women wouldn't normally wish a thing similar to this."

Heyes teamed up with an area manufacturer many 150 units were made and suited to petrol tankers, vehicles and distribution vehicles. Not many are fitted to exclusive cars since few individuals wanted to drill holes in their cars.

Barra 182

This was the engine in six-cylinder variants associated with the BA Falcon, Fairmont, Fairlane, and area SUV and are produced between belated 2002 and mid-2005. This is the very first Falcon motor that came traditional with DOHC and variable cam time. This added into significant leap in production across base 157 kW SOHC Intech motor in the previous generation AU Falconand a 11 kW gain on the Tickford enhanced VCT motor's 171kw. In addition kept Ford's system competitive from the Holden Ecotec and L67 supercharged motors found in the modern Commodore.

Power: 182 kW (244 hp) @ 5000 rpm
Torque: 380 N*m (280 lb*ft) @ 3250 rpm
Compression Ratio: 9.7:1

Barra 190

This was the system based in the BF Falcon and SY area. It started manufacturing in 2005. It's aesthetically equivalent and mechanically much like the Barra 182, nevertheless the small increase in energy can also be because of a rise in compression ratio as a result of slight modification for the cam profile, plus updating the BA's Black Oak ECU to the better Spanish Oak ECU. The adjustable valve timing was today separate.

Energy: 190 kW (255 hp) @ 5250 rpm
Torque: 383 N*m (282 lb*ft) @ 2500 rpm
Compression Proportion: 10.3:1
This motor ended up being created when it comes to BA Falcon XR6T between 2002 and 2005. It is like the Barra 182, except it offers a slightly lower compression ratio, one Garrett GT35/40r turbocharger, purple rocker address, and an intercooler.

Energy: 240 kW (322 hp) @ 5250 rpm
Torque: 450 N*m (332 lb*ft) @ 2000-4500 rpm

The Ford Territory try a crossover sport utility automobile (SUV) built by Ford Australian Continent which was launched in April 2004. It is on the basis of the EA169 platform introduced by the 2002 BA series Falcon, and its particular inner project codename was E265. Champion of numerous automotive awards since their introduction, the Territory ended up being 1st SUV to winnings the coveted Australian title of tires Car of the Year in 2004, thanks to car-like control and great practicality.

Ford Australian Continent apparently spent A0 million on establishing this automobile over a four-year period. Aside from becoming the first and just Australian-made SUV, it was in addition the very first local automobile to function an electronic security controls.

Both rear-wheel drive (RWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) configurations are available for the Australian marketplace. AWD designs posses an optional Hill lineage controls program, making use of the anti-lock braking program to regulate the vehicle's motion downhill.

Reflecting its SUV build, seating capability inside area is for either five (two rows) or seven (three rows) guests. All seating rows tend to be organized in a "theatre design", whereby initial line is the lowest additionally the last line is the highest. The middle and back once again rows fold flat to the floors to maximise cargo amount.

Ford introduced the area alongside the current Falcon truck, that was built on the same Broadmeadows construction production range. Ford Australia senior executives expected the Falcon wagon to be stopped after the introduction of the Territory, surmising that Falcon wagon business would considerably decrease as fleet purchasers migrated into the Territory. But the two brands co-existed for some time because Falcon truck retained most of its fleet deals base as well as the Territory appealed primarily to personal purchasers. The point is, producing the Falcon section wagon ended up being terminated in September 2010.

The area is sold in New Zealand, with exports to South Africa beginning in 2005 and the ones to Thailand in 2006 (although the Thai range had been limited to only the top-of-the range AWD Ghia and, later, the Titanium specification whenever re-released in 2012). In Australia, the vehicle is employed by numerous disaster services, including police causes all over the country.

By October 2016, all Ford Australian Continent manufacturing will cease, such as the area.

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