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Land Rover Discovery Series 3 Diesel 2004-2009

The Land Rover breakthrough is a mid-size luxury SUV, from the Brit car maker land-rover. There has been two years of the automobile, the initial of which is launched in 1989 and offered a set II update in 1998. The second generation, entitled finding 3, launched in 2004 and had been advertised in united states once the land-rover LR3. These 2nd generation designs were updated during 2009 as advancement 4---Land Rover LR4 for us areas. The finding 5 is currently in pre-production assessment and is anticipated to become unveiled during 2016.

On 2 April 2004, Land Rover launched the advancement 3, marketed while the LR3 in the united states. It retained the important thing top features of the breakthrough, like the stepped roofline and steeply raked windscreen. The LR3 title is preferred for united states areas due to bad quality organizations using finding name and (according to Land Rover) a preference in the United states market for alpha-numeric model designations -- the 2nd generation Freelander has also been re-designated for the us market as the LR2.

Land-rover developed a human body building way of the finding 3, sold as incorporated human body Frame (IBF). The engine bay and traveler compartment are designed as a monocoque, then mated to a fundamental ladder-frame chassis for gearbox and suspension system. Land Rover promises IBF integrates the virtues of monocoque and ladder-frame -- though it generates for a heavier automobile than a monocoque construction, compromising overall performance and agility significantly but including energy, toughness and adaptability.
2004--2008 Land Rover Finding 3 SE
2008--2009 land-rover development 3 TDV6 SE (renovation). Note: body-coloured trimmings, redesigned rims, and obvious fender-mounted signal contacts.

The LR3 functions complete independent suspension system (FIS). Like Range Rover L322, that is an atmosphere suspension program, enabling ride-height modifications by pumping up or deflating air bags. The vehicle could be raised to deliver floor clearance whenever off road, but lowered at highest speeds to boost managing. Land Rover created 'cross-linked' air suspension system. Whenever needed, the suspension system mimics the action of a beam axle (together wheel drops, others goes up). If the chassis of this automobile connections the floor when the suspension was at its 'off path' height, the device senses the reduction in burden from the air springs and raises the vehicle a supplementary inches. In britain and European markets, a coil-spring independent suspension program ended up being offered regarding base model. This model ended up being unique within the range with best five seating and just becoming readily available utilizing the 2.7 litre diesel motor. This design lacked the Terrain Response program.

The machines utilized in the Discovery 3 had been all extracted from land-rover's cousin company at that time, Jaguar. A Ford/PSA-developed 2.7-litre, 195 hp (145 kW), 440 Nm V6 diesel engine (the TdV6) had been intended to become biggest vendor in Europe. For people marketplace and as the high-performance choice elsewhere, a 4.4 litre petrol V8 of 300 hp (220 kW) is selected. A 216 hp (161 kW) 4.0-litre SOHC Ford V6 petrol motor is for sale in North America and Australian Continent.

The gearboxes on the breakthrough 3 are in addition all-new. For the diesel system, a six-speed guide transmission had been standard. As an alternative, and also as standard regarding the V8 engine, a six-speed automatic transmission was offered. Both came with a two-speed transfer box and permanent four-wheel-drive. A pc controlled increasingly locking main differential ensured traction was retained in hard problems. An equivalent differential ended up being available on the trunk axle to aid grip.

The advancement 3 was fitted with multiple digital traction controls techniques. Mountain lineage controls (HDC) avoided car 'runaways' when descending steep gradients and 4-wheel Electronic grip controls (4ETC) avoided wheel spin in low-traction circumstances. An on-road program, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), stopped skidding whenever steering and stopping at rate. The automobile in addition featured the 'Terrain Response' system. Previously, off-road driving had been a skill that many drivers receive daunting. A wide-ranging familiarity with the vehicle had been needed to be capable find the proper gear, transfer proportion, various differential methods and master different practices required for tackling steep mountains, deep-water along with other hard surface. Surface reaction experimented with eliminate as much associated with the difficulties as you can. The motorist picked a terrain means ("Sand", "lawn, Gravel & Snow", "Mud & Ruts" and "Rock Crawl") on a dial in the taxi of automobile. The on-board pcs then select the correct gearbox setup, adjust the suspension system level, adjust the differential lock options and also affect the throttle reaction associated with engine suited to the surface. Including, in "stone Crawl", the suspension try raised to their maximum height and set to let optimal wheel articulation, the differentials were closed, the motorist are prompted to change to minimum Range, and throttle reaction try modified to present low-speed control. In "Sand" mode, the traction control system try 'primed' to-be more responsive to wheelspin, the differentials are partially secured, as well as the throttle responses are re-mapped to make high power outputs with quick pedal action. The driver retained some handbook control over the off-road methods, having the ability to find the Transfer package ratio together with suspension height manually, although use of the Terrain reaction system is necessary to let full utilization of the automobiles' capability.

Also brand new mechanical and digital methods, the breakthrough 3 introduced a brand new build toward inside and outside regarding the automobile. The Discovery 3 surely could posses a fresh, minimalist design. The inner featured a flexible seven-seat design. Individuals in rearmost row now joined through back part doorways, as opposed to the tailgate such as earlier versions. The driver gained from a DVD navigation system, including some optional functions like Bluetooth telephony in later on products. Just like the number Rover, this sound, suggestions & entertainment ("infotainment") program in the breakthrough 3 followed an electronics design whereby the machine's distributed control devices go facts and audio amongst each other and through the entire automobile via optical links based on the GREATEST (or, Media Oriented methods Transport) fibre-optic automotive networking standard (informally known as the "MOST-bus"). The device's navigation features are special to Land Rover because, in addition to the typical road map navigation, benefits included an off-road navigation and four-wheel drive ideas mode. Whenever in four-wheel drive facts mode, the screen demonstrated a schematic of vehicle, showing the actual quantity of suspension activity, position the front wheels had been steering, the status of this locking differentials and icons showing which mode the landscapes reaction was in, and just what gear is selected on automatic versions.

The automobile had been lauded because of the hit, because of the landscapes Response system, improved on-road dynamics, and interior design obtaining specific praise. Jeremy Clarkson of BBC's Top Gear motoring tv show drove anyone to the top Cnoc an Fhreiceadain, a 307 m (1,007 ft) mountain near Tongue in north Scotland, in which no vehicle had earlier hit. Richard Hammond, presenter of Top Gear, praised they due to the fact "better 4X4 of all time". In Australian Continent, the car ended up being granted "4WD of the season" by the 4WD Press.

In 2006, Land Rover put the development 3 in its G4 challenge, alongside the product range Rover recreation. The motors utilized were all-in standard technical form, with the exception of the fitment of extra Land Rover off road products.

The initial all-new model placement because the Freelander, the Range Rover Sport will be based upon the Discovery 3 system, in the place of on larger number Rover.

A 2008--2009 facelifted model of the advancement 3 offered a Harmon-Kardon audio system update, six-CD changer, clear side indicator lights, and body-colour bumpers.

A driverless form of the LR3 complete 4th when you look at the DARPA Urban Challenge.

The Lion motor household originated and produced at Ford's Dagenham Diesel Centre to be used in PSA Peugeot Citron automobiles (since DT17 within joint venture begun in 1999), Jaguar automobiles (whilst the AJD-V6), and land-rover motors. The machines share equivalent bore/stroke proportion, using the V6 displacing 2.7L and also the V8 displacing 3.6L. The V6 premiered in 2004 so that as of 2011 also acts in Ford Australian Continent's Territory SUV; the V8 in 2006. The V6 engine fulfills the Euro IV emissions requirements. A 3.0L had been added in '09 and is in line with the 2.7L.
Popular Construction

The motor family members utilises twin expense camshafts and multi-valves, solitary or double turbochargers with an air-to-air intercooler, and revolutionary compacted graphite iron (CGI) block building that leads to a minimal pounds of 202 kg dry. Gas offer is high-pressure typical railway direct injections.
Lion V6
AJD-V6 engine in a 2006 Jaguar XJ

To boost the system's low-speed torque number for off-roading and towing applications, Land Rover installed a large capacity single-turbocharger, as opposed to utilize the twin-turbo design; furthermore the motor is fitted with a sizable engine-driven cooling fan to support reduced rate, higher load driving because might be experienced in desert circumstances. Also, the Land Rover variant of Lion V6 includes a deeper, highest capacity sump with better baffles to keep up oil force at off-roading extreme sides and multi-layered seals maintain dirt, mud and liquids away and different transmission bell housing bolt design. The Lion V6 -- constructed from compacted graphite metal -- are an associate for the Ford Duratorq family members and it is produced at Ford's Dagenham motor plant; 35,000 motors are produced from April to December 2004.

The 3.0-litre design, known as the Gen III, superseded the 2.7-litre, and makes use of parallel sequential turbochargers and an uprated typical rail injections program incorporating gas injectors with piezo crystals fitted nearer into tip to lessen motor sounds and a metering mode to lessen oversupplying gasoline, decreasing gasoline usage and unused gasoline temperatures within the 2.7-litre design. The synchronous sequential turbocharger program makes use of small of this two turbos as soon as the engine is run at lowest revolutions; once the engine has now reached 2,800 rpm, the more expensive turbocharger is also used to pressurize the consumption.

Jaguar tested suitable the system to its XK model but did not bring the venture up to manufacturing.

The 3.0-litre variants utilized by land-rover showcase the 2.7-litre's off-roading adaptations plus calibration of the motor's electronic devices allowing the usage of low-quality fuels.

System configuration & engine displacement

60-degree V6 engine, solitary- and twin-turbo diesel, 2,720 cc (166 cu in), bore x swing 81.0 mm 88.0 mm (3.19 in 3.46 in), compression ratio 17.3:1

Cylinder block & crankcase

Compacted graphite iron mix bolted block

Cylinder heads & valvetrain

High strength aluminium, DOHC with four valves per cylinder


Solitary turbocharger or twin-turbochargers with air-to-air intercooler, digitally actuated adjustable geometry with transient over-boost ability, interface deactivation program

Gas program & motor management

Siemens Common train (CR) direct diesel injections, optimum injection force of 1,650 pubs (23,900 psi), piezo injectors

DIN-rated motive power & torque outputs
140 kW (190 hp), 440 N*m (320 lbf*ft) -- land-rover finding 3, Range Rover athletics, Ford Territory
147 kW (197 hp), 440 N*m (320 lbf*ft) -- Peugeot 407, Peugeot 607
152 kW (204 hp), 435 N*m (321 lbf*ft)) -- Citron C5, Citron C6, Jaguar S-Type, Jaguar XF, Jaguar XJ
"Ford, PSA Announce Unique V6 Diesel" Car Report, 10 June 2003


Engine configuration & system displacement

60-degree V6 system, twin-turbo diesel, 2,993 cc (183 cu in), bore x swing 84.0 mm 90.0 mm (3.31 in 3.54 in), compression proportion 16.4:1

Cylinder block & crankcase

Compacted graphite iron cross bolted block

Cylinder heads & valvetrain

Extreme power aluminum, DOHC with 4 valves per cylinder


Twin-turbochargers with air-to-air intercooler, digitally actuated adjustable geometry with transient over-boost ability, interface deactivation program

Gas system & motor management

Siemens typical railway (CR) direct diesel shot, greatest shot pressure of 2,000 taverns (29,000 psi), piezo injectors

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