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Renault Megane and Scenic - Haynes USED

The Renault Mgane is a little family auto yielded by the French automaker Renault because 1995. It is available inside 3- plus 5-door hatchback, saloon, coup, convertible plus property bodystyles. The Renault Scnic is the initial contemporary compact MPV with be integrated Europe, plus is based found on the Mgane floorpan.The Mgane I was unveiled inside the autumn of 1995, because a substitution for the Renault 19. The automobile was basically a reskin of its predecessor, plus carried over the 19 s floorpan, machines, transmissions plus chassis shape, albeit with much modification. Taking its name from a Renault concept vehicle shown inside 1988, the Mgane further developed the brand-new business styling theme introduced by Patrick Le Qument found on the Laguna, many notably the "bird-beak" front grille -- a styling cue lent within the Renault 16 of the 1960s. As with all the 19 as well as the 11 before it, the Mgane was yielded at Renault s Douai plant inside northern France, at the Spanish plant of Palencia.

Safety became a key focus of the Megane I, Renault s initially auto reflecting their fresh focus of marketing about protection. It showcased a pillar-mounted 3-point seatbelt for the middle-rear resident, standard front belt pre-tensioners plus weight limiters, driver s airbag plus an impressive protection structure -- a specification before many rivals inside 1995. Many attributes, like the 3-point center belt, had debuted found on the Renault 19 protection concept car. The vehicle moreover benefited from Renault s initially "System for Restraint plus Protection", really the program of cautious optimisation of resident restraint by interaction of the seat, seatbelt, pretensioner, weight limiter plus airbag. The Megane I accomplished a best-in-class 4-star crash test rating inside the 1998 round of testing by Euro NCAP.
The Renault Scnic is a compact multi-purpose car yielded by French automaker Renault, the initial with be labelled as a result inside Europe. It is based found on the chassis of the Mgane tiny family vehicle. It became the 1997 European Car of the Year about its release inside late 1996. The 2nd plus 3rd decades have a model called Grand Scnic, that has 7 seats instead of 5.
The Mgane Scnic is traced back with a concept auto crafted below the guidance of Anne Asensio, then designer at Renault.

The Scnic was mechanically identical with the Mgane hatchback. The 1.4 L, 1.6 L "Energy", 1.8 L "F-type" petrol plus 1.9 L diesel machines were shared with all the hatchback range. The Scnic was advertised because a multi-purpose car, inside a small size lower cost of these cars because Renault s own Espace. Renault underestimated the marketplace need which the Scnic might have---predicting it will be a niche model with just 450 yielded a day. Production at the firm s Douai plant might eventually peak at almost 2,500 vehicles a day.
1996 saw the introduction of the Mgane Scnic compact MPV.

Power came within the Renault E-type engine inside 1.4 L, 1.6 L, 1.8 L, as well as the F-type device inside both 1.9 L diesel plus 2.0 L petrol types, though this time about there was clearly a wider range of 16-valve derivatives. A 1.9 L diesel engine inside both usually aspirated plus turbocharged types was moreover accessible.

Renault moreover yielded a limited amount of Renault sport edition stage 1 s with all the Renaultsport bodywork; nevertheless, these were really uncommon. The Renaultsport kit was accessible with buy for a brief time direct from Renault France, nevertheless has today been discontinued, therefore their value has improved. The trim specification degrees were: RN, RT plus RXE.

Renault considered the property variation of the Mgane with be integrated RHD, yet it not proceeded with manufacturing. Why it wasn t submit manufacturing was which Renault feared which an property might take too much marketplace share within the Scnic. When the Mgane II was introduced inside the UK, the property variant was priced, together with the rest of the line.
A light facelift inside the spring of 1999 gave the Mgane I a modified grille, more advanced protection qualities plus upgraded equipment, plus 16-valve machines were utilized over the range. An Estate body design was furthermore established inside mainland Europe with all the facelift. The manufacturing continued for the Latin America Market, where it was available alongside the Megane II line at a considerably lower cost till 2009
The following specification degrees cover the Hatchback bodystyle just. The Estate, Classic, Coup plus Cabriolet had somewhat different trim specification degrees.

Freeway: Authentique, Expression, Expression Plus
Sport: Sport, Dynamique, Dynamique Plus
Elegance: Privilege, Privilege Plus

Along with all the Mgane hatchback, the Scnic underwent a minor frontal restyle inside 1999 as well as the new 16-valve motors introduced. The front end was a lot different within the Mgane counterpart, plus there were equally redesigned back lights. From the time of the restyle, it became officially recognised as the Renault Scnic, though a tiny "Mgane" badge nonetheless appeared found on the back door signifying the auto s origin. This model was integrated Brazil with flexible gas motors.

The Phase 2 permitted the Scnic with be separate within the Mgane as well as its predecessor by introducing improvements like a storage compartment found on the dashboard, along with a separate starting back window found on the tailgate. Another small improvement with all the Scnic were the back head restraints that were fixed over the back of the seat instead of being upright. This improved back awareness.
Large overhangs lead with big car dimensions, as well as the associated blessings of size. On front-engined saloon/sedans, measuring back overhang is helpful inside predicting the size and style of the torso. For these same cars, big front overhangs may accommodate heavier motors. The Porsche 911, yielded because 1964, has usually contained its whole flat-6 engine in its back overhang, with all the center of mass of the engine outside of the wheelbase. Large overhangs additionally lead with protection due with improved volume, and area for crumple zones which supply protection for travelers inside frontal plus back collisions. In the case of the 911, the rear-mounted engine enables improved practicality inside the shape of the little back row of seats which will be impossible with a mid-engined sports auto.

Excessive fat which is concentrated outside of the wheelbase could interfere with exact dialogue of corners at significant speed. The rear-engined Porsche 911, with its engine far inside the back, was notorious for hazardous oversteer inside its early days, plus vehicles with motors far inside the front usually suffered within the opposite condition of understeer, for that countless older American vehicles with thick V8 motors were infamous. Front-engined Ferraris, including the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti put their machines in the wheelbase, thus because with avoid the condition of understeer. Reducing overhanging fat inside sports vehicles is a goal, with all the notable exception of the 911. On the other hand, the good handling of the Mini, with its wheels forced far out at every corner, is partly credited with its tiny overhang.

Rear overhang might present a condition inside big cars like buses. Long back overhang might need the driver with pay attention with nearby cars whenever turning at 90 degrees. Because the back overhang is outside the wheelbase, it will hit a car inside the adjacent lane, incredibly whenever turning 90 levels right.

In vehicles, the parking brake, also known as hand brake, erroneously called emergency brake, or e-brake, is a latching brake commonly selected with keep the car stationary. It is often additionally chosen with avoid a car from rolling whenever the operator requirements both feet to work the clutch plus throttle pedals. Automobile hand brakes normally comprise of the cable straight associated with the brake device about 1 end plus with a lever or foot pedal at the driver s position. The system is a hand-operated lever, found on the floor about either side of the driver, or perhaps a pull handle placed under plus close to the steering wheel column, or perhaps a pedal found far aside within the additional pedals.

Although occasionally termed as an emergency brake, utilizing it in almost any emergency where the footbrake continues to be operational is probably with severely upset the brake balance of the auto plus greatly heighten the likelihood of reduction of control of the car, for illustration by initiating a rear-wheel skid. Additionally, the stopping force offered by utilizing the handbrake is little plus wouldn't greatly help inside stopping the car. The parking brake operates largely found on the back wheels, that have reduced traction whilst braking in certain situations, parking brake operates about front wheel, because performed inside many Citroens produced because the finish of World War II. The hand brake is rather intended for utilize just in case of mechanical failure where the standard footbrake is inoperable or compromised. Modern brake systems are usually quite reliable plus loaded with dual-circuit hydraulics plus low-brake-fluid sensor systems, meaning the handbrake is seldom selected with stop a moving car.

The most commonly known utilize for a parking brake is with keep the car motionless whenever it is actually parked. Parking brakes have a ratchet locking system which can keep them involved till a launch switch is pushed. On cars with automatic transmissions, this really is normally utilized inside concert with a parking pawl inside the transmission. Automotive protection specialists suggest the utilization of both systems with immobilize a parked auto, as well as the utilize of both systems is needed by law inside certain places, yet several people employ just the "Park" position found on the automatic transmission plus not the parking brake. It s synonymous with manual transmission cars: These are generally suggested usually with be left with all the handbrake involved, inside concert with their lowest gear. The employ of both systems is furthermore necessary by law inside certain jurisdictions. But, whenever parking about level ground, people either just engage the handbrake, or just choose a gear. If parking about a hill with just 1 program results inside the vehicle rolling plus damaging the auto or different property, insurance providers inside certain nations, for illustration inside Germany, aren t needed with pay for the damages.

Hand brakes are moreover chosen with aid inside hill begins about cars with manual transmissions. Utilize of the handbrake frees both feet for employ found on the accelerator plus clutch pedals, permitting the auto with move off without rolling back at all.
UK sales of the Scnic started inside early 1997, as well as for the initially 2 years the Scnic was truly the only compact MPV available with a mainstream maker inside the UK, but the Vauxhall Zafira, Citron Xsara Picasso, Fiat Multipla as well as the Nissan Almera Tino were introduced inside lower than five years.

In 1997, the Mgane Scnic was granted the 1997 What Car?, Car of the Year.

The Scnic II arrived inside British showrooms towards the finish of 2003. The Scnic III arrived inside British showrooms towards Summer 2009.
Electronic problems have caused Renault with matter 2 recalls. The initially, inside 2009, was due to the dashboard can stop working, exiting motorists without the ability with gauge their speed, gas tank, way indicators or anything because all instruments were totally electronic. At initial motorists had with substitute this element at their own cost, yet eventually, as a result of media stress, Renault UK plus Ireland mentioned which they might reimburse shoppers as much as a set limit. No reimburse was implemented by Renault inside Finland where many independent workshops established an affordable-priced repairing of blanked Scnic panels. The 2nd, inside 2010, was considering the electrical handbrake can occasionally engage about its own whilst the auto was inside motion.

A keyless entry program is an electronic lock which controls access with a building or car without utilizing a conventional mechanical key. The expression keyless entry program initially meant a lock controlled with a keypad situated at or close to the driver s door, which necessary pressing a predetermined numeric code for entry. These systems, having evolved into a hidden touch-activated keypad, continue to be accessible about certain Ford or Lincoln models.

The expression remote keyless program, also known as keyless entry or remote central locking, pertains with a lock which utilizes an electronic remote control because a key that is triggered with a handheld device or automatically by proximity.

Widely utilized inside cars, an RKS works the functions of the standard auto key without bodily contact. Whenever inside a limited yards of the vehicle, pressing a switch found on the remote could lock or unlock the doorways, plus can do alternative functions. A remote keyless program may include both a remote keyless entry program, that unlocks the doorways, along with a remote keyless ignition program, that begins the engine.
Keyless remotes contain a short-range radio transmitter, plus need to be in the certain range, generally 5--20 meters, of the auto with function. Whenever a switch is forced, it sends a coded signal by radio waves with a recipient device inside the auto, that locks or unlocks the door. Many RKEs work at a frequency of 315 MHz for North America-made vehicles at 433.92 MHz for European, Japanese plus Asian vehicles. Modern systems apply encryption with avoid automobile thieves from intercepting plus spoofing the signal. Earlier systems employed infrared rather of radio data with unlock the car, like systems found about Mercedes-Benz, BMW plus additional producers.

The program signals it has either secured or unlocked the vehicle commonly by certain very discerning mixture of flashing car lights, a distinctive sound alternative than the horn, or several use of the horn itself. A typical setup about vehicles is with have the horn or different sound chirp twice with mean which the vehicle has been unlocked, plus chirp when with indicate the vehicle has been secured. For instance, Toyota, Scion, plus Lexus employ a chirp program with mean the auto being locked/unlocked. While 2 beeps signifies which driver s door is unlocked, 4 beeps signifies all doorways are unlocked. One lengthy beep is for the torso or force tailgate. One brief beep means which the vehicle is secured plus alert is set.

The functions of the remote keyless entry program are contained about a key fob or built into the ignition key handle itself. Buttons are focused on locking or unleashing the doorways plus starting the torso or tailgate. On several minivans, the force sliding doorways is opened/closed remotely. Many vehicles can equally close any open windows plus rooftop whenever remotely locking the auto. Many remote keyless fobs moreover feature a red panic switch that activates the auto alert because a standard feature.

Many vehicles motors with remote keyless ignition systems is began by the drive of the switch found on the key fob.

On vehicles where the torso launch is electronically operated, it may be caused with open with a switch found on the remote. Conventionally, the torso springs open with hydraulic struts or torsion springs, plus thereafter should be lowered manually. Premium models, including SUVs plus estates with tailgates, might have a motorized support which may both open plus close the tailgate for effortless access plus remote procedure.
In a contemporary automobile with a guide transmission the clutch is operated by the left-most pedal utilizing a hydraulic or cable connection within the pedal with the clutch system. On elder vehicles the clutch may be operated with a mechanical linkage. Even though the clutch might physically be found especially close with the pedal, these remote signifies of actuation are important with eliminate the impact of vibrations plus slight engine movement, engine mountings being flexible by shape. With a rigid mechanical linkage, smooth engagement will be near-impossible considering engine movement inevitably happens because the drive is "taken up."

The standard state of the clutch is involved - which is the connection between engine plus gearbox is usually "on" except the driver presses the pedal plus disengages it. If the engine is running with clutch involved as well as the transmission inside neutral, the engine spins the input shaft of the transmission, however, no force is sent with the wheels.

The clutch is found amongst the engine as well as the gearbox, because disengaging it really is necessary with change gear. Although the gearbox refuses to stop rotating throughout a gear change, there is not a torque sent from it, therefore less friction between gears plus their engagement dogs. The output shaft of the gearbox is forever associated with the final drive, then your wheels, so both usually turn together, at a fixed speed ratio. With the clutch disengaged, the gearbox input shaft is free with change its speed because the internal ratio is changed. Any resulting difference inside speed between your engine plus gearbox is evened out because the clutch slips somewhat throughout re-engagement.

Clutches inside typical vehicles are installed straight with the face of the engine s flywheel, because this absolutely delivers a advantageous big diameter steel drive which will act because 1 driving plate of the clutch. Many racing clutches utilize little multi-plate drive packs which are not piece of the flywheel. Both clutch plus flywheel are enclosed inside a conical bellhousing, which forms the principal mounting for the gearbox.

A some vehicles, notably the Alfa Romeo Alfetta, Porsche 924, plus Chevrolet Corvette, desired a more even fat distribution between front plus back by placing the fat of the transmission at the back of the vehicle, combined with all the back axle with shape a transaxle. The propeller shaft between front plus back rotates constantly because lengthy because the engine is running, whether or not the clutch is disengaged or the transmission is within neutral.
A head gasket is a gasket which sits amongst the engine block plus cylinder head inside an internal combustion engine.

Its cause is with seal the cylinders with confirm maximum compression plus avoid leakage of coolant or engine oil into the cylinders; as a result, it is actually the many important sealing application in almost any engine, plus, because element of the combustion room, it shares the same strength needs because different combustion room components.
The routine internal combustion engine is a water-cooled four-stroke petrol shape. It utilizes 3 circuits of functioning fluids:

Combustible air/fuel mixture
Water based coolant, generally with glycol mixed
Motor oil for lubrication

These are all important, however, should not be permitted with intermix. Apart from sealing the cylinder, the head gasket furthermore seals water plus oil conduits involving the head plus block. Any connectivity between them usually result engine failure, or extensive issues like burning oil. Blue exhaust smoke can be indicative of oil burning. White exhaust smoke is an signal of coolant burning, another signal of head gasket wear.

Occasionally, the compression inside the cylinder might result a leak with shape inside the gasket as well as the gasket must be changed, or serious damage may take area. This problem has been exacerbated by the utilization of aluminum instead of iron cylinder heads; when lighter than iron, aluminum has a much better thermal expansion rate, which causes a amazing deal more strain with be located found on the head gasket. Engine makers have responded for this by adding a non-stick coating including Teflon with the surface of the head gasket.

If the gasket fails, a range of issues will happen, from compression reduction, with exhaust gases being forced into the cooling program, leading with the engine overheating plus improved engine wear due with the engine oil being mixed with antifreeze. Coolant could leak into the cylinders, causing the exhaust with matter steam as well as the catalytic converter with be damaged. If a especially big amount of coolant does this, hydrolock could happen, causing extensive engine damage. Occasionally, all which will arise whenever a head gasket is blown is excessive steam erupting within the tailpipe; yet the engine might act plus drive like general, till all coolant is gone as well as the engine overheats. In other occurrences, compression leaks into little spaces amongst the gasket plus either the cylinder head or engine block trap air which is then introduced whenever the engine is turned off, that then escape into the coolant plus create air purse. Occasionally, these air purse will receive caught inside the motors coolant thermostat, causing it with remain closed plus further the overheating problem, therefore creating nonetheless more voids between your gasket as well as the engine. Air purse could additionally result the engine with expel coolant into the overflow or expansion tank, therefore reducing the amount of coolant the engine has accessible with remain cool.
A damaged head gasket will permit gases with leak between cylinders.

The condition of the head gasket is usually investigated by checking the compression stress with a stress gauge, or greater, a leak-down test, and/or noting any indication of combustion gases inside the cooling program about a water-cooled engine. Oil mixed with coolant plus excessive coolant reduction without obvious cause, or presence of carbon monoxide or hydrocarbon gases inside the expansion tank of the cooling program will moreover be signs of head gasket difficulties. A wise signal of head gasket failure about water-cooled motors is the presence of the substance which resembles mayonnaise inside the oil, usually with be enjoyed found on the dipstick, or oil filler limit. But, the presence of the substance is not conclusive proof of head gasket failure, because oil may blend with all the coolant through different routes.

A leaking head gasket is categorized because either outside or internal. An exterior leak is diagnosed because oil plus coolant accumulating beneath the engine. The presence of coolant is recognized by shining a black light about what appears with be an oil leak; the appearance of coolant might show up beneath the black light. External leaks could moreover appear because earlier described inside the oil. An internal leak will normally be diagnosed by excessive coolant accumulating inside the expansion tank together with the presence of hydrocarbons inside the shape of foam. The possibility of vapors or condensation &/or water build up from an outside breather or catch tank within the head may moreover result a somewhat buildup of froth or gunk inside the oil however, is very unlikely.
Rocker covers are covers which are bolted about over rocker arms inside an internal combustion engine. These are generally called valve covers inside the United States plus Canada, plus rocker boxes inside the UK.

On contemporary motors without rocker arms they are internationally recognised as "valve cover" however are often refereed with because a "cam cover" or "timing cover" when they additionally cover the timing gear plus belt or chain.

V machines have 2 rocker covers, 1 for every bank of cylinders, whilst straight motors plus single-cylinder machines have only 1. Really big multi-cylinder motors, like those employed inside a ship, could have 1 rocker cover for every cylinder with create treatment plus installation more manageable.

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