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Toyota 1S , 1S-E , 2S , 2S-C , 2S-E , 3S-FE , 3S-GE Engine workshop manual USED

MODELS/ SERIES ----- ST241 , ST150 , ST151 , ST162 , SV10 , SV11 , SV20 , SV21 The initial Toyota 3S-FE and 3S-GE engines had been circulated for the 1986 design seasons and, fittingly sufficient, within the nose associated with the ST162 Celica (that was a monumental improvement across previous design). Both 3S-FE and 3S-GE engines need iron blocks with a 86 x 86mm bore and stroke delivering a total swept capacity of 1998cc. However the cylinder minds regarding the FE and GE motors can be different. The 3S-FE is deemed the low production 'economy' variation with its reasonably narrow direction 16-valve DOHC mind, whilst the 3S-GE features a wider position mind which is better for creating power. Toyota Variable Induction System (T-VIS) is also used in some versions while the 3S-GE usually has actually a greater compression ratio as compared to FE.

Inside '86 ST162 Celica the 3S-FE creates 86kW whilst higher-spec 3S-GE generates 96kW at 6000 rpm and 147Nm of torque at 5200 rpm. The ST162 had been initial Celica to hire front-wheel-drive, so its 3S system are organized for transverse installation and comes attached with a transaxle.
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The turbocharged 3S-GTE variation premiered at exactly the same time as the atmo 3S-FE/GE. Available in the ST165 Celica GT-4, this first generation 3S-GTE has completely floating pistons that deliver a good start friendly fixed compression ratio of 8.5:1. A Toyota CT26 turbocharger provides around 9 psi increase through a compact water-to-air intercooler and output was 136kW/240Nm. Like their contemporary atmo cousins, a vane-type airflow meter is utilized within the electric management program.

Next couple of years, the 3S engine series distribute into multiple automobiles.

In 1988 an 88kW version of the 3S-FE premiered within the SV21/25 Vista and Camry. A high-performance of each model was also circulated utilizing a 9.2:1 compression ratio type of the 3S-GE - output try 103kW at 6200 rpm and 172Nm at 4800 rpm (attained on normal unleaded fuel).
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Somewhat smaller compared to the Vista/Camry could be the Toyota Carina ED. In '89, the ST182/3 Carina ED was introduced utilizing the ho-hum 3S-FE and an up-to-date 3S-GE (with a 10.1:1 compression ratio) making 121kW and 191Nm. This motor is well known once the 2nd generation 3S-GE. Simultaneously, top-line types of the '89 Corona range swallowed the 121kW-spec 3S-GE.

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Nineteen eighty-nine in addition spotted the release of Toyota SW20 MR-2 that has been running on a mid-mount type of the 3S engine. Base MR-2s have an extra generation 3S-GE generating 121kW but the go-fast MR-2 GT packs the next generation turbocharged 3S-GTE. This creature makes use of an 8.8:1 fixed compression ratio (up from 8.5:1), somewhat changed CT26 turbocharger and an air-to-air intercooler. Outputs become 165kW and 304Nm.

The exact same second generation 3S-GTE has also been suited to the 1990 ST185 Celica GT-4 (the very first GT-4 model present in Australia). The naturally aspirated form of the '90 Celica (ST162) has also been equipped with a 3S-FE or 121kW 3S-GE.

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In 1990, the Vista/Camry number ended up being up-to-date into SV32/33/35 series (which seems much like 1st Australian 'wide system' Camry). The entry level 3S-FE is tickled to supply around 100kW but, as earlier, hi-po models scored an unchanged 121kW 3S-GE.

In 1992, the recently introduced Caldina truck and Carina hardtop number are released with just a 3S-FE. The range had been later reconfigured therefore best 4WD systems put the 3S-FE. Little dazzling right here.

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The 3S series started to blend interest once more when the so-called third generation 3S-GE starred in the 1993 modify SW20 MR-2 and ST202/203 Celica. The 3S-GE was given a 10.3:1 compression ratio and energy risen up to 132kW at 7000 rpm. But this pertains to five-speed manual versions best -- the autos tend to be ranked at 125kW.

At round the same time, the turbocharged 3S-GTE (suited to the MR-2 GT and ST205 Celica ST205) had been revised with a MAP sensor depending control program, elimination of T-VIS alongside improvements. In MR-2 form these third generation 3S-GTEs push-out 180kW whilst in GT-4 spec (using a big water-to-air intercooler), you are talking 188kW. Incidentally, the Australian delivered ST205 GT-4 was ranked at just 178kW.

Aside from the base MR-2 and Celica models, the 3rd generation 132kW 3S-GE is placed on the '93 ST202/203 Carina ED and Corona Exiv hardtop. The same engine had been later on included as a choice within the ST195 Caldina.
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In 1994, the 3S-FE ended up being slotted into base-spec ST206 Curren coupe (essentially a notchback Celica) while up-spec versions are offered with all the 132kW 3S-GE. This season also saw the replacement of this SV32/33/35 Vista/Camry aided by the SV41/42/43 model. This new model retained the service regarding the 3S-FE in low-spec products and the go-fast alternative ended up being removed.

Nothing more than motor shuffling happened during 1996. The newly launched Ipsum, Town Ace Noah and Lite Ace Noah user movers are powered by the 3S-FE. The ever more popular RAV4 has also been made available with all the 3rd generation 3S-GE, nonetheless output was a surprisingly lower 121kW.
Later 3S Motors

In 1997, Toyota begun throwing some big enhancements on 3S motor range.
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The naturally aspirated versions for the AW20 MR-2 and ST202 Celica were treated to VVTi (variable valve time) and an 11:1 compression ratio for a substantial boost in output. Known as the 4th generation BEAMS 3S-GE, this engine produces a remarkable 147kW at 7000 rpm and 206Nm at 6000 rpm. Interestingly, there have been no significant changes on turbocharged MR-2 GT or ST205 GT-4 except, by now, a CT20B turbocharger was followed.

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The '97 ST215 Caldina also benefited from VVTi and 11:1 comp. The AWD GT variation kicks out 140kW and 206Nm and, later on, the ST210 front-drive scored exactly the same motor. And, to really make the Caldina even more appealing, a GT-T variation was launched with turbocharged 3S-GTE grunt. Curiously, the Caldina GT-T's 3S-GTE puts out slightly even more energy as compared to MR-2 or GT-4 - 191kW and 324Nm.

And also the activity kept coming during 1998.

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The essential powerful version of the atmo 3S-GE -- the 5th generation 'BEAMS' Dual VVTi -- ended up being introduced within the Altezza RS200. Having its infinitely variable inlet and exhaust cam timing, 11.5:1 compression ratio, electronic throttle control and lowest regulation exhaust, you are chatting a big 154kW and 216Nm (at increased 7600 and 6400 rpm respectively). Automobile models is detuned somewhat to 147kW at 7000 rpm and 216Nm at 4800 rpm. Observe that they're longitudinally attached engines configured for rear-wheel-drive.

Interestingly, the 1998 Nadia people mover, SV50 Vista and ST210 Corona Previo were provided with a recently created 3S-FSE. The FSE motor features a 10:1 compression ratio and direct shot to attain 107kW and 196Nm on regular unleaded -- a beneficial center crushed between the old-fashioned 3S-FE and 3S-GE. These direct injections motors come associated with a front-wheel-drive automatic transaxle just.

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