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International Shipping

International Shipping

We ship worldwide. We ship manuals often to the USA ,Canada, Norway, UK and more.

How long does it take?

We post to overseas via Skippy Post. These are sent Economy Airmail,which is slower than Australia Post airmail, but postage costs are considerably cheaper than Australia Post Airmail. Normal postage transit times are:

New Zealand 9-16 days

UK and Europe: 3-5 weeks

USA : 3-5 weeks

Canada : 3-6 weeks

Asia (Japan, China etc) 3-5 weeks

Middle East 3-6 weeks .

South Africa 3-6 weeks .

These parcels are tracked. However tracking will not be available for a week or so, after the item has been sent through to the Sydney processing centre.

If you want it faster we can send it Australia Post Airmail (untracked)- at a higher cost. email us at sales@integracar.com.au, can we can give you a cost, or alternatively we can post it Express Courier International which can be as fast as 4-8 days (depends on the destination country), however it can cost 4 times the cost of Economy Airmail.

How much does it cost?

Economy Airmail to most countries (other than New Zealand) costs approximately $ 29 for a normal manual. Some manuals cost more because they are heavier. New Zealand costs approximately $ 18 to ship .















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