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Donny's Unauthorized Technical Guide to Harley Davidson 1936-2008

about the Twin Cam power train. This is the first volume of Petersen's long-awaited "Donny's Unauthorized Technical Guide to Harley Davidson 1936-2008." This twelve-volume series by the dean of motorcycle technology will examine the theory, design, and practical aspects of his subject. Donny has studied privately with Harley-Davidson engineers, plus, he's worked on Harleys for over 35 years, having founded Toronto's Heavy Duty Cycles in 1974, North America's premier motorcycle shop. Having ridden hundreds of H-D Flatheads, Knuckleheads, Pans, Shovels, Evos, and Twin Cams across four continents-doing all of his own roadside repairs-Donny has acquired the practical knowledge what lets him share street-wise tips, as well as walk you through detailed service procedures like porting and polishing cylinder heads to performing simple maintenance like oil changes. Donny Petersen is honored to share the wealth of his motorcycle knowledge and technical expertise. Integracar tries to render a considerable number of workshop guides. On the other hand maintenance manuals could well be prepared for several different nations and the motor cars built for those countries. That means not all service manuals may be effective for your individual motor vehicle. If you have any queries whether a individual repair manual is applicable for your motor vehicle please e-mail us here

Donny's Unauthorized Technical Guide to Harley Davidson 1936-2008 by Donny Petersen

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