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Ford Focus LR Series Petrol Diesel 2002 2005 Gregorys Service Repair Manual

The Ford Focus is a compact automobile produced by the Ford Motor Company because 1998. Ford started sales of the Focus with Europe inside July 1998 plus inside North America throughout 1999 for the 2000 model year.

In Europe, South America, North America plus South Africa, the Focus changed the different versions of the Ford Escort plus Ford Laser available inside those markets. In Asia plus Australasia, it changed the Ford Laser. As of the initial half of 2012, the Focus surpassed the Toyota Corolla with become the planet s right marketing car nameplate. The Focus has been considered among the 50 largest vehicles of the previous fifty years by British magazine CAR.

Codenamed CW170 throughout its development, plus quickly acknowledged with several Ford companies because the Ford Fusion, the authentic Focus took its eventual name from a Ghia concept vehicle that was shown at the Geneva Motor Show inside 1991. Some ingredients of the shape had been enjoyed even earlier inside prototypes employed by Ford with demonstrate upcoming protection qualities, like the eye-level back light clusters. As a continuation of Ford s New Edge styling strategy, initially watched inside the Ford Ka inside 1996, plus Ford Cougar inside 1998, the Focus styling had been frequently described because polarising. The styling had been overseen by Jack Telnack plus executed by Claude Lobo plus Australian designer, John Doughty.

The choice with name the new vehicle the Ford Focus was created inside early 1998, because Ford s overheads had been planning with keep the "Escort" nameplate for the brand-new generation of tiny family vehicles. A last minute issue arose inside July 1998 whenever a Cologne courtroom, responding with a case brought by the publishers Burda, ordered Ford with avoid the name "Focus" for the German marketplace vehicles because the name was absolutely taken by the publisher s Focus magazine. This eleventh hr dispute was overcome, but, as well as the automobile was established without a different "German market" name.
In vehicles, a double wishbone suspension is an independent suspension shape utilizing 2 wishbone-shaped arms to find the wheel. Each wishbone or arm has 2 mounting points with the chassis plus 1 joint at the knuckle. The shock absorber plus coil spring mount with the wishbones with control vertical movement. Double wishbone designs let the engineer with carefully control the motion of the wheel throughout suspension travel, controlling these parameters because camber angle, caster angle, toe pattern, roll center height, scrub radius, scuff plus more.
The double-wishbone suspension will moreover be called "double A-arms," though the arms themselves is A-shaped, L-shaped, or a single bar linkage. A single wishbone or A-arm will additionally be selected inside other suspension kinds, like variations of the MacPherson strut. The upper arm is generally less with cause damaging camber because the suspension jounces, plus frequently this arrangement is titled an "SLA" or "brief extended arms" suspension. Whenever the car is within a turn, body roll results inside positive camber gain found on the lightly loaded inside wheel, whilst the seriously loaded outer wheel gains bad camber.

Between the outboard end of the arms is a knuckle with a spindle, hub, or upright that carries the wheel bearing plus wheel.

To resist fore-aft plenty including acceleration plus braking, the arms need 2 bushings or ball joints at the body.

At the knuckle end, single ball joints are usually utilized, inside that case the steering plenty need to be taken through a steering arm, as well as the wishbones look A- or L-shaped. An L-shaped arm is usually preferred about passenger cars considering it enables a greater compromise of handling plus comfort with be tuned inside. The bushing inside line with all the wheel is kept comparatively stiff with effectively handle cornering plenty whilst the off-line joint is softer with permit the wheel with recess below fore-aft impact plenty. For a back suspension, a pair of joints is chosen at both ends of the arm, generating them more H-shaped inside program see. Alternatively, a fixed-length driveshaft could work the function of the wishbone because lengthy because the form of the different wishbone offers control of the upright. This arrangement has been effectively chosen inside the Jaguar IRS. In elevation see, the suspension is a 4-bar link, plus it's simple with exercise the camber gain plus additional parameters for a provided set of bushing or ball-joint places. The many bushings or ball joints never need to be about horizontal axes, parallel with the car centre line. If they are set at an angle, then anti-dive plus anti-squat geometry is dialled inside.

In several racing vehicles, the springs plus dampers are relocated inside the bodywork. The suspension utilizes a bellcrank with transfer the forces at the knuckle end of the suspension with the internal spring plus damper. This really is then well-known as a "drive rod" when bump travel "pushes" found on the rod. As the wheel rises, the drive rod compresses the internal spring through a pivot or pivoting program. The opposite arrangement, a "pull rod," can pull found on the rod throughout bump travel, as well as the rod should be connected with the best of the upright, angled downward. Locating the spring plus damper inboard increases the total mass of the suspension, however reduces the unsprung mass, and enables the designer with result in the suspension more aerodynamic.
Engineers for the Focus, including Richard Parry-Jones, developed a class-leading, space-saving independent multi-link back suspension, advertised because Control Blade suspension, combining the packaging of the trailing arm, with all the geometry of the double wishbone suspension . The program was developed from which chosen inside the CDW27 Ford Mondeo property, however with different modifications with create it easier plus cheaper with build plus consequently economically worthwhile about a mass-market car.

Where several competitors inside the compact class, or tiny family vehicle class, selected the cheaper non-independent twist beam suspension, Control Blade available improved elasto-kinematic performance, i.e., sturdy body control, sharp plus exact steering irrespective of the auto s attitude, plus an absorbent plus quiet ride over bumps.

Unlike traditional multi-link suspension, Control Blade attributes a broad, easy, uniform width, pushed steel trailing arm with hub carrier --- taking the spot of 2 longitudinal finding rods, eliminating a costly cast knuckle, plus providing the same amount of body control --- with a lower center of gravity, reduced road sound, at lower manufacturing expense. The long rear lateral arm controls toe, a pair of smaller front lateral arms, vertically above every different, control the camber, as well as the Control Blade reacts with brake plus traction plenty.

In testing the suspension inside 2000, Motor Trend author Jack Keebler noted "The Focus average speed of 62.6 mph by the slalom makes it quicker about the cones than a ,000 Jaguar XJ8L along with a 0,000 Bentley Continental. The impression is of getting a great amount of wheel travel for gobbling the greater stuff plus big-car, full-frame isolation whenever experiencing expansion joints plus small road imperfections."

After the 1998 introduction of Control Blade suspension plus popularization by the Focus, alternative producers started providing multi-link shape back suspensions inside the compact class, or little family automobile class.
A flexible-fuel car or dual-fuel car is an alternative gas car with an internal combustion engine tailored with run about multiple gas, commonly gasoline combined with either ethanol or methanol gas, plus both fuels are stored inside the same popular tank. Modern flex-fuel machines are capable of burning any proportion of the resulting blend inside the combustion room because gas injection plus spark timing are modified automatically based on the actual blend recognized with a gas composition sensor. Flex-fuel cars are recognized from bi-fuel cars, where 2 fuels are stored inside separate tanks as well as the engine runs about 1 gas at a time, for illustration, compressed all-natural fuel, liquefied petroleum fuel, or hydrogen.

The most commonly known commercially accessible FFV inside the planet marketplace is the ethanol flexible-fuel car, with about 39 million vehicles, motorcycles plus light duty pickups produced plus available internationally from October 2013, plus concentrated inside 4 markets, Brazil, the United States, Canada, plus Europe, led by Sweden. The Brazilian flex gas fleet involves over 3 million flexible-fuel motorcycles yielded because 2009 by October 2013. Additionally with flex-fuel cars running with ethanol, inside Europe as well as the US, primarily inside California, there has been effective test programs with methanol flex-fuel cars, termed as M85 flex-fuel cars. There have been also lucrative tests utilizing P-series fuels with E85 flex gas cars, nevertheless because of June 2008, this gas is not yet accessible with the general public. These lucrative tests with P-series fuels were performed about Ford Taurus plus Dodge Caravan flexible-fuel cars.

Though technologies exists with permit ethanol FFVs with run about any mixture of gasoline plus ethanol, from pure gasoline about 100% ethanol, North American plus European flex-fuel cars are optimized with run about a maximum blend of 15% gasoline with 85% anhydrous ethanol. This limit inside the ethanol content is set with decrease ethanol emissions at low temperatures plus with avoid cold beginning difficulties throughout cold weather, at temperatures lower than 11 C. The alcohol content is reduced throughout the winter inside parts where temperatures fall under 0 C with a winter blend of E70 inside the U.S. or with E75 inside Sweden from November till March. Brazilian flex gas cars are optimized with run about any blend of E20-E25 gasoline plus as much as 100% hydrous ethanol gas. The Brazilian flex cars are built-in with a little gasoline reservoir for cold beginning the engine whenever temperatures drop under 15 C. An improved flex engine generation was established inside 2009 that eliminated the requirement for the secondary fuel tank.
The 2001 Mk 1 Focus facelift included:

Revised headlamps with integrated indicators plus separate key plus dipped bulbs
Revised bumpers without indicators, nevertheless with all the addition of removable bump strips
Revised upper plus lower grille plus fog lights
Optional Xenon headlights
Optional 6-disc CD changer
Optional Navigation System
Optional Digital Climate Control
Features of certain trim degrees changed
Modified centre system with rubber cup holders
Different centre dash colours
New seat trims
Different instrument cluster finishes
Damped plus lit glovebox
New colours
Rear energy point
TDCi Engine introduced with the range
Versatility Pack Option added

Bluetooth camera facility

A unique flexfuel engine was introduced, based found on the European Zetec 1.6 L adaptation. This might utilize both gasoline plus bioethanol, however just found on the Swedish marketplace. This adaptation remains obtainable in several nations inspite of the advent of a all-new Mk 2 Focus.

5-speed MTX-75 Manual
5-speed IB5+ Manual
5-speed IB5 Manual
6-speed Getrag 285 Manual
4-speed 4F27E Automatic

The ST170, that was introduced inside 2002, was the initially Focus sport model with be developed for global markets with a joint SVE/SVT worldwide team. Adapted within the Facelift Mk 1 Focus, the ST170 had the following aesthetic revisions: 17 inches Multi-Spoke Alloy Wheels; Alarm; Side Airbags; Optional 1/2 plus full Recaro leather seats; Optional 9006 Stereo program with bespoke Subwoofer; brushed aluminium door releases; honeycomb technical flec front grills, round projector design fog lights, colour-coded bumper plus side beadings & door handles; plus Locally developed bodykit. The engine was developed by Cosworth plus tuning bumped the force from 130 with 170 horsepower. Upgrades included: High-flow aluminium cylinder head; Variable valve timing; Dual stage intake manifold; Stainless steel exhaust program plus exhaust manifold by Cosworth; Sports catalytic converter; Larger brake discs; Getrag 6-speed manual gearbox; Revised force steering falling-flow pump plus close ratio steering rack. The engine was sourced within the Ford of Mexico Chihuahua plant. The car final-assembly was inside the Ford Saarlouis plant inside Germany, with certain content like the subwoofer assembled off-line at the AC center connected with the plant. There was an extra Wagon/Estate variant introduced inside Europe-only inside 2003, that showcased Nivomat self-levelling back dampers.
In Europe, the hatchback is the largest marketing body design. Ford tried with market the saloon inside Europe because a mini-executive vehicle by just providing it inside the Ghia trim level, anything it had tried before with all the Orion of the 1980s. It has because provided up about this approach, plus has began marketing lower certain versions of the saloon.

Despite its revolutionary styling, plus certain controversial protection recalls inside North America, the auto has been a runaway achievement over the world, even inside the United States, where Ford has traditionally failed with effectively market its European models. In Europe, where the Focus was placed at the heart of the biggest marketplace segment by amount, Ford s total marketplace share had declined by 25% between 1995 plus 2000 because the aging Ford Escort failed with match up inside technological terms with the Vauxhall/Opel Astra plus Volkswagen Golf without being capable with achieve compensating sales volumes inside the low cost sector where Korean producers, inside certain, were becoming increasingly competitive. The Focus stopped the decompose for Ford inside Europe, marketing especially firmly inside the UK. This was the best-selling automobile inside the globe inside 1999 from 2004. It was elected Car of the Year inside 1999, before GM s brand-new Astra model. The Focus claimed the North American Car of the Year honor for 2000.

Both versions of the Focus have been the 1999 plus 2005 Semperit Irish Car of the Year In Ireland.

The Focus, unlike the Escort, was not available inside a devoted panel van body style; yet, the commercial Focus based found on the 3-door hatch is obtainable in Europe - many commonly inside Ireland.

Ford consequently continued the Escort Van till the purpose-designed Transit Connect was introduced inside 2002 because its substitution. A convertible variation was another notable omission that has been rectified with all the Mk2 Coupe-Cabriolet.

The European Focus, inside 2002, according with German reports plus reports, was said with function as the many reliable auto between 1 plus 3 years of age inside the German automobile marketplace. This became a great feat because the Focus was contending against German prestige producers and Japanese producers, all that have sturdy reputations for standard plus dependability.

2000 MY --- Introduction of the Sony Limited Edition, Street Edition, Kona Editions.
2001 MY --- accessible electronic stability control, advertised because "AdvanceTrac," standard fog lights about ZTS Series, fresh 6-spoke 16-inch aluminum wheels today standard about ZTS Sedan, front armrest today standard about SE Sedan plus Wagon, comfort Group today involves just tilt/telescoping wheel, speed control, plus front chart lights about SE Sedan plus Wagon, force windows standard about SE Sedan plus SE Wagon, SE Sport Group upgraded with include leather-wrapped steering wheel, single CD today standard about SE Sedan plus Wagon, fresh guide moon rooftop accessible about ZX3, front plus back floor mats plus smoker s package today standard about all models, new premium group accessible about ZX3, guide transmission accessible about SE Wagon, energy Group involves force locks with all-door remote entry, force windows, plus energy mirrors --- today accessible about ZX3, Zetec Engine today standard about SE Wagon. Introduction of the S2 Edition. Introduction of the SVT models.

2002--2004 Ford Focus ZX5

2002 MY --- Introduction of the ZX5 5-door hatchback, force moon-roof accessible for the first-time about all body designs, accessible 6-Disc In-dash CD Changer, improved cup holders with accept bigger cups, added rear-seat chart pocket about LX, SE, ZX3, plus kangaroo pouches about ZTS, as well as the ZTW trim level for the wagon --- including the 2.0L DOHC Zetec I-4 engine, leather seating surfaces, driver s side lumbar help, six-disc in-dash CD player, tilt/telescoping steering wheel, remote key-less entry, energy windows plus door locks, electronic speed control plus air conditioner. In 2002, all Focus models received a protection package, advertised because the Personal Safety System --- that included an electronic crash severity sensor, restraint control component, dual-stage driver plus appropriate front passenger airbags, dual-threshold driver plus proper front passenger airbags, driver s seat position sensor, front outboard protection belt power administration retractors, front outboard protection belt pretensioners, front outboard protection belt use sensors. Introduction of the Mach Audio Edition
2003 MY --- ZX5 today obtainable in 3 trim degrees, 2 hot inside materials, heated front seat plus heated mirror way, accessible traction control plus ABS package, gray headlamp surrounds, silver instrument cluster plus color-keyed trim about premium trims, CD/MP3 sound player standard about ZX3, ZX5, redesigned 16-inch alloy wheels, optional perimeter alert, improved inside sound level, recalibrated throttle, refinement of 110 horsepower engine. Introduction of the Centennial Edition inside celebration of Ford s 100th anniversary.
2004 MY --- The fresh 2.3 L I4 Duratec engine earlier just obtainable in select states became accessible nationwide, ZX3 today accessible with leather seating surfaces, new steering knuckles plus struts for improved ride plus handling, discontinuation of optional electronic stability control.

2005 Ford Focus ZX4 SE

2005 MY --- Under Focus Chief Engineer John Sidelko plus Focus designer Larry Erickson, the 2005 Focus introduced styling plus technology changes --- including introduction of the ST model of the ZX4 sedan, With the 2005 model year, Ford revised the Focus nomenclature with combine a body-style designation with a trim designation. Styling revisions included a hot front bumper facia, a revised instrument panel, brand-new tail lights along with a fresh back bumper fascia about sedan models, a unique harder steel alloy chosen for the bonnet, an 11% wider plastic bumper fascia, a storage drawer for six compact discs situated by the driver s left knee, optional overhead system with sunglasses holder plus area for a garage door opener, molded-in drink holders inside the front door pouches, 15-inch steel wheels plus all-season wheels, rather of 14-inch about entry trim level models,, plus modern brake linings with total brake swept location improved by 17 %. Engines included a 136 hp, 2.0-liter Duratec 20 dual-overhead-cam, in-line four-cylinder engine substituting both the base 110 horsepower, 2.0-liter single-overhead-cam I-4 engine as well as the 130 horsepower 2.0-liter Zetec DOHC I-4, a 151 hp 2.3-liter Duratec 23 DOHC I-4 engine for the ZX4 ST obtainable in all 50 states plus produced within the Duratec 20 family, with heavier displacement plus performance-tuned exhaust --- plus inside California, NY, Massachusetts, Vermont plus Maine, the Duratec 23E that qualifies Focus because a Partial Zero Emissions Car. Manual transmission today indexed because standard equipment instead of a delete way about wagons.
Ford Motor Company chosen the Zetec name about a range of Inline-4-cylinder vehicle motors. It was coined with substitute "Zeta" about a range of 1.6 L with 2.0 L multi-valve machines introduced inside 1991 considering Ford was threatened with be sued by Lancia whom was the owner of the trademark. The business utilized the name generally inside European advertising plus later introduced it with the North American marketplace with all the Contour.

The Zetec name was thus known which Ford decided with apply it with alternative high-tech four-cylinder machines. It is chosen over countless engine kinds inside Europe now besides the fact that the authentic Zeta shape ended manufacturing inside 2004. Ford additionally selected the "Zetec" name for a trim level designation inside certain markets.

A Formula One engine yielded for Ford by Cosworth was furthermore badged because a Ford Zetec, though this was technologically unrelated. This engine was selected by the Benetton team inside 1994, plus driven Michael Schumacher with his initial World Championship title.
Duratec is a brand name of the Ford Motor Company utilized for the gasoline-powered line of multivalve four-cylinder plus six-cylinder passenger auto motors inside North America, as well as for all gasoline motors available by Ford inside Europe.

The Duratec name initially described the family of V6 motors introduced inside 1993 inside the Ford Mondeo, plus inside 2000, the four-cylinder motors inside the Mondeo became element of the Duratec family. Over time, Duratec was extended with become an omnibus name for Ford gasoline motors unrelated with the Mondeo V6, including the Ford Zeta engine plus Ford s variant of the Mazda L engine.

The Duratec family consists of four-, five-, plus six-cylinder gasoline motors yielded by the Ford Motor Company, utilized inside Ford, Mazda, Aston Martin, Volvo, Caterham, Morgan, Tiger, Ginetta vehicles plus by professional engine tuner Cosworth.
The Duratec 20 is a 2.0 L adaptation integrated Dearborn, Michigan, United States plus inside Chihuahua, Mexico. Bore is 87.5 mm plus stroke is 83.1 mm.

It is chosen inside the US/Argentinian Focus, US Transit Connect, as well as the Brazilian Ford EcoSport.. On the 2007 Focus, output is 136 hp at 6000 rpm with 136 lb ft of torque at 4250 rpm. The 2007 Focus available inside the US states of CA, NY, MA, VT plus ME comes with all the needed PZEV emissions 20E adaptation that produces 130 hp at 6000 rpm with 129 lb ft of torque at 4000 rpm. The PZEV is accessible because an alternative inside edge states. The compression ratio for both versions is 10:1. On the 2008 Focus, output is 140 hp at 6000 rpm with 136 lb ft of torque at 4250 rpm. The 2009 Focus had 143 hp whenever loaded with manual transmission due with a high flowing exhaust program. The 2008 Focus available inside the US states of CA, NY, MA, VT plus ME comes with all the needed PZEV emissions 20E adaptation that produces 132 hp at 6000 rpm with 133 lb ft of torque at 4250 rpm. The PZEV is accessible because an alternative inside edge states. The compression ratio for both versions is 10:1. It has an aluminum engine block plus an aluminum DOHC cylinder head. The cylinders are lined with cast iron. It utilizes SFI gas injection, has 4 valves per cylinder plus attributes fracture-split forged powder metal connecting rods, a one-piece cast crankshaft, along with a cast aluminum or reinforced plastic consumption manifold. In 2011 Ford began marketing the 2012 Focus inside North America. It comes with a 160 hp variation of the 2.0-liter Duratec with direct injection plus Ti-VCT. A PZEV adaptation of the Focus is available inside certain states.

The plastic consumption manifold about early versions of the 1.8 plus 2.0 has a main mistake due with poor-quality components. The manifold has swirlplates installed about a square shaft at the aperture where it mounts with the cylinder head. Early 4-cylinder Duratec machines is wrecked whenever the swirlplates break off plus enter a cylinder. Many situations are of single swirlplates and the shaft will wear plus break. Early signs of the mistake are evidenced with a ticking sound emanating within the front of the engine. This can happen because early because 25K miles, with failure usually occurring following regarding 90K miles.

Ford Focus LR series Service plus Repair Manual 2002-2005 Petrol plus Diesel Gregorys 2003 2004

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