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Honda Accord 2003-2014 Haynes Service Repair Manual

2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
The Honda K-series system try a four-cylinder four-stroke engine introduced in 2001. The K series machines include DOHC valvetrains and make use of roller rockers to reduce friction. The motors incorporate a coil-on-plug, distributorless ignition program with a coil for every spark plug. This system forgoes employing a conventional distributor-based ignition timing program and only a computer-controlled system enabling the ECU to manage ignition timings considering different sensor inputs. The cylinders have cast iron sleeves just like the B-series & F-series engines, instead of the FRM cylinders found in the H-series and newer F show motors discover just into the Honda S2000.

Just like B series, K-Series has actually two short blocks with the same build; really the only difference between all of them being the deck level. K20 utilizes the brief block with a deck level of 212mm in which K23 and K24 block has actually a deck level of 231.5mm.

Two variations of Honda i-VTEC program are available on a K-series engine, and both versions go along with variable timing control (VTC) in the intake cam. The VTEC program on machines such as the K20A3 only are powered by the intake cam; at low rpm just one intake device was totally launched, another opening only a little to generate a swirl influence in burning chamber for enhanced gasoline atomization. At highest rpm, both intake valves open completely to improve motor breathing. In engines such as the K20A2 found in the Acura RSX Type-S, the VTEC system works on the intake and exhaust valves, allowing both to profit from several cam profiles.

The Honda Accord are a few vehicles made by Honda since 1976, most commonly known because of its four-door sedan variant, which has been among the best-selling vehicles in america since 1989. The agreement nameplate happens to be applied to a number of motors globally, including coupes, wagons, hatchbacks and a crossover.

In 1982, the agreement became 1st automobile from a Japanese producer is manufactured in the usa whenever production commenced in Marysville, Ohio at Honda's Marysville automobile Plant. The agreement features accomplished considerable success, especially in the United States, in which it was the best-selling Japanese vehicle for fifteen ages (1982--97), topping their course in deals in 1991 and 2001, with around ten million vehicles offered. Many path tests, previous and current, rates the Accord among the planet's most reliable cars. The agreement is on the Car and Driver 10Best list a record 30 occasions.

Since initiation, Honda possess supplied several different automobile human body designs and versions associated with agreement, and frequently automobiles marketed in agreement nameplate simultaneously in different areas differ rather significantly. It debuted in 1976 as a compact hatchback, though this design just lasted through 1981, as the line-up had been broadened to add a sedan, coup, and wagon. By the agreement's sixth generation within the 1990s, it evolved into an intermediate car, with one standard system however with various body and proportions to improve their competitiveness against its rivals in numerous intercontinental markets. The 8th generation of agreement released for the united states market in 2007, Honda had once again opted for to go the model additional up-scale and increase their dimensions. This pressed the agreement sedan through the higher restriction of exactly what the U.S. ecological cover company (EPA) describes as a mid-size vehicle to simply above the reduced limit of a full-size automobile, utilizing the coupe nevertheless rated as a mid-size car. Current ninth generation Accord when it comes to the united states market is once more classified as a mid-size vehicles, falls only short of full-size automobile category using connected indoor space of 119 cubic ft (3.4 m3).

The 6th generation, Honda separate the agreement into three individual versions, created for the Japanese, united states, and European areas. However, the wagon had been stopped in the united states although the coupe ended up being stopped in Japan. This generation in addition produced two distinctively branded performance models for European and Japanese domestic areas, dubbed kind roentgen and Euro R, respectively.

On the beginning of these models, it is reported that with the advent of this sixth generation Accord, "Honda England were cut loose to create a motor vehicle that would compete with Subaru and Mitsubishi's Evo. They created the agreement kind R, a lightened (around 1200 kg) track version without sound deadening or luxuries". Honda Japan adopted match in 2000, "took the agreement Type R and created the agreement Euro R (ergo the 'Euro'pean tag)" that has an identical chassis, suspension system that is compatible with European model, exact same engine (somewhat detuned for European Type R), and nearly identical internal trim.

Japan brands, launched 4 September 1997, became narrower versus earlier generation, returning to the good lightweight vehicles income tax bracket, excluding Euro roentgen and wagon, which were classified because the larger mid-sized classification. A nearly identical cousin vehicle, the Honda Torneo, changed the last Honda Ascot plus the Honda Rafaga in Japan, which was offered at both Honda Verno and Honda Primo Japanese dealerships, while the agreement remained at Honda Clio stores. This was the last generation that was badge designed whilst the Isuzu Aska.

When the earlier generation Accord grew in outside proportions, this reclassified the agreement as a midsized automobile in Japan. The next generation Honda motivate is stated in two platforms, with all the modest G20A five-cylinder engine setup in a shorter and narrower sedan that complied with "compact" laws. This energy shown Honda's positioning of Honda Clio as an extra car dealership that offered the true luxury sedans Honda Legend and Honda motivate, just like their particular efforts in the united states because of the Acura brand name. Honda proceeded to own agreement station truck in Japan. All trim amount offered in Japan had been readily available with Honda's newly created, internet-based telematics service labeled as Internavi.


This engine had been employed for the Honda agreement 1.8 VTS/VTE in Japan. Furthermore found in the European Honda Accord VTEC S.

Bore Stroke: 85.0 81.5 mm
Displacement: 1,849 cc
Cylinder setup: Inline-4
Valvetrain: SOHC, 16 valves, VTEC
Compression ratio: 9.3:1
Maximum power:
138HP (103 kW) @ 6100 rpm
Max torque:
124 lb*ft (168 letter m) @ 5000 rpm


This motor show ended up being used in the Accord, Ascot Innova and Prelude in Japan and European countries. The DOHC F20A was also derived from this engine (read below).

Bore Stroke: 85.0 88.0 mm
Displacement: 1997 cc
Cylinder setup: Inline-4
Compression proportion : 9.5:1
Valvetrain: SOHC, 16 valves
Max Energy :
F20A2 110 hp (82 kW) @ 5700 rpm (carbureted)
F20A3 110 hp (82 kW) @ 5700 rpm (carbureted)
F20A4 133 hp (99 kW) @ 6000 rpm (PGM-FI)
F20A5 133 hp (99 kW) @ 5300 rpm (PGM-FI)
F20A6 140 hp (100 kW) @ 6000 rpm (carbureted)
F20A7 133 hp (99 kW) @ 5600 rpm (PGM-FI)
F20A8 143 hp (107 kW) @ 5600 rpm (PGM-FI)
Maximum Torque :
F20A2 111 lb*ft (150 N*m) @ 3500 rpm (carbureted)
F20A3 110 lb*ft (150 N*m) @ 3800 rpm (carbureted)
F20A4 132 lb*ft (179 N*m) @ 3700 rpm (PGM-FI)
F20A5 132 lb*ft (179 N*m) @ 5000 rpm (PGM-FI)
F20A6 111 lb*ft (150 N*m) @ 3500 rpm (carbureted)
F20A7 130 lb*ft (180 N*m) @ 4400 rpm (PGM-FI)
F20A8 138 lb*ft (187 N*m) @ 4800 rpm (PGM-FI)
Fuel intake F20A8 Urban - 25 mpg Highway - 34 mpg
Fuel usage (Japan Combined period) : 9.6 km/l (PGM-FI), 9.8 km/l (carbureted)

This engine additionally produced most variations, according to market, nevertheless the specifications remain mainly comparable.

The F20A5 is used in the CB3 and CB4 Chassis.

The F20A7 is used in the USDM 1992-1993 agreement Coup (CC1).

The American agreement was just obtainable in sedan and coupe kind, getting the greatest Accord currently, revealing a system utilizing the Japan-market Honda Inspire/Acura TL. While previous generations of Coupe were considered two-door versions for the sedan, the 1998 Coupe had been the first to be provided with a unique front fascia, back tail lighting (which resemble those found from the NSX), wheels, and lots of other system panels, and had been today marketed as a somewhat individual model, the "agreement Coupe", to set it out of the additional family-oriented sedan version. Additionally allowed the Coupe, that has been shipped to many other areas, to fit right in easier using the regional agreement models. The tail light appearance ended up being replicated on the Japanese markets Honda Domani for the 2nd generation of manufacturing. The coupe's build ended up being fashioned by Don Herner and directed by-lead designer Eric Schumaker into August 1995 in Torrance, CA. It absolutely was later on scanned as a clay model and transferred to engineering in August 1995 at Honda R&D in Raymond, Ohio. It was developed by Honda professional Laura Minor into production type until January 1996, becoming then progressed into prototypes for screening.

Starting with this generation, cabin air filters (also called pollen filters) are setup as standard products and they are situated behind the glove compartment internationally.

G developing started in later 1993, with build efforts starting in 1994. a design the sedan by Shinji Takashima and Toshihiko Shimizu was chosen in January 1995 and later frozen for manufacturing because of the center of 1995. Prototype test mules are tested from mid-1995 in CD agreement body panels, with full human anatomy prototypes being used from 1996. Design patents had been filed on 8 March 1996, with developing ending in March 1997.
1998--2000 Accord sedan (U.S.)
1997--2001 agreement V6 sedan (Australian Continent)

For 1998 model season, the sedan was offered in DX, LX, LX-V6, EX, and EX-V6 trims even though the Accord Coupe ended up being offered only in LX, LX-V6, EX, and EX-V6 trims. The DX design ended up being installed with a 2.3L I4 engine rated at 135 bhp (101 kW), whilst LX and EX included a 2.3L I4 VTEC motor ranked at 150 bhp (110 kW). All 4-cylinder products was included with a 5-speed manual transmission standard, with a 4-speed automatic as optional products. The DX remained the value-oriented trim with no sound system, handbook house windows, handbook hair, no cruise control, back drum brake system, and 14-inch metal wheels. The DX price Package included a radio-cassette player, air cooling, and cruise controls; it was referred to as agreement DX in Canada where it had been the beds base model of the lineup. The LX trim included power microsoft windows, energy locks, door courtesy lights and 15-inch metallic wheels; an SE (unique edition) bundle available since 1999 included 15-inch alloy wheels. The EX trim included ABS, alloy tires, keyless entry, rear disc brake system, and upgraded cloth. Leather sitting, CD player, and energy sunroof are factory installed alternatives for the EX. All V6 sedan and coupe designs gotten an innovative new 3.0L V6 SOHC VTEC system ranked at 200 bhp (150 kW) and 195 lb*ft (264 N*m) (from Acura 3.0 CL), abdominal muscles and automatic transmission. Some dealer-installed alternatives included: gold finish kit, silver finish exhaust tip(s), gold finish wheel center hats, 6-disc in-dash CD changer, tape deck, fog lights, wing spoiler, security alarm, sunroof visor, automobile address and accessory chrome tires.
2001--2002 Accord EX coupe (U.S.)

In Australia, the 6th generation agreement went on purchase in December 1997, and was initially brought in from United States Of America. But in 1999, the agreement became the first Honda in Australian Continent is brought in from Thailand. In March 2001, the Accord obtained a facelift, while at precisely the same time, the option of a manual transmission was dropped. Brand new colour alternatives using the facelift included Naples silver, Signet gold, and Nighthawk Ebony, initially that black had been offered in an Australian marketplace agreement.

In September 2000, both American-market agreement sedan and coupe received a renovation. A unique front side fascia, rear bumper, side dress alteration, brand-new taillights and wheel styles freshened the Accord's appearance. The inside spotted couple of modifications except for some fabric and sound configuration changes. The LX and LX-V6 now included a regular CD athlete, together with EX 4-cylinder now included a 6-disc in-dash CD changer with cassette player whilst the EX-V6 supplied that stereo plus automated climate controls. All V6 systems additionally included a traction controls program that might be disabled by a switch, the first Accord to possess these types of a system included. The important version gone back to the coupe and sedan versions because of its best design 12 months, 2002. They included all the features for the LX, but included exclusive alloy rims, keyless entry and a single CD/cassette radio. In the Philippines, just the sedan was readily available and available in VTi and VTi-L trims. The VTi model ended up being fitted with a 2.0L I4 VTEC motor rated at 152 bhp (113 kW) although the top VTi-L trim had been installed with a 2.3L I4 VTEC motor ranked at 157 bhp (117 kW). Both versions can be found with either a 5-speed manual transmission or a 4-speed automated transmission.

Honda made the decision to continue this generation of Accord a supplementary 12 months. Formerly, the agreement ran four years about the same body-style and facelift before becoming redesigned. The standard agreement generation period was a 2:4 trend, with a newly introduced model working for decades 1 and 2 unaltered, then getting a facelift for many years 3 and 4 before a major redesign. This generation would operate an overall total of five years in a 3:5 trend, with all the renovation occurring in year four. Agreement sales remained steady despite the additional season.

Despite the agreement's reputation for dependability, the V6 brands were affected by transmission failures and prompted class activity lawsuits from the organization (4-cylinder brands had been additionally impacted, however toward exact same extent). This caused Honda to increase the warranties for the 2000 through 2001 systems to seven ages or 109,000 kilometers (175,000 km). 1998, 1999 and 2002 vehicles are considered for longer coverage on a case-by-case basis. No formal recall happened. In Canada, recall letters had been delivered to people which fell within a particular VIN number; this warranty is later re-extended for many people to seven ages long.

From 1997, Accord secrets had been designed with immobilizer microchips. In late 1998, the agreement ended up being designed with collapsible mirrors. In 2001, the Special Edition is included while the DX Value-Package ended up being re-introduced for 2002 models.

The 1998 agreement has also been assembled in unique Zealand at really end of general CKD vehicle production as a result of the abolition of import tariffs on built vehicles which made local system uneconomic. 1,200 samples of the car (the mid-sized U.S. sedan version) are built prior to the Honda New Zealand factory ended up being closed; the first Honda-owned factory procedure to be closed down) and the gear (which included a paint store obtained from Nissan whenever that automaker shut its Australian manufacturing facility in 1994) was sent to many other Honda assembly devices, primarily in Asia. Smaller numbers of Accords were brought in (right-hand drive) through the U.S. before sourcing switched to Thailand when Accord construction began truth be told there. The Thai factory continues to provide brand new Zealand because of the newest generation agreement and now additionally ships that line along with other Honda systems to Australia and somewhere else in south-east Asia.

Concerns over airbag protection affect japan automaker. The business established it was recalling motors citing motorist's airbags that deploy with too much force during collisions. Honda claims 2,430 faulty airbags are set up as fixes to buyer automobiles after a collision. But considering that the company cannot precisely locate which Honda obtained the problematic airbags, Honda broadened its research to incorporate the 2001--2001 agreement. Since November 2008, Honda features remembered some 1.7 million of the automobiles for airbag concerns. At their final close broadened recall in February 2010, Honda said the too-powerful airbags have been involved with 12 situations, including one fatality.

The 7th generation of Accord premiered in 2002 (2003 design season in North America), and is made of two individual products; one when it comes to Japanese and European areas, plus the various other for the united states. But both are actually sold in many more markets, fueled by the well-known Cog ad for Accord. Euro R trim continued into this generation as results model for Japanese marketplace, making use of K20 engine producing 220 hp, however, European results design is rebranded means S and used larger K24 motor tuned to create 190 hp.

The North American Accord grew in dimensions just as before, becoming a greatly different automobile than their Japanese and European equivalent. This generation ended up being for sale in both coupe and sedan types, while a hybrid model was launched in early 2005. For 2006, it had been considerably updated. This generation agreement ended up being the first ever to utilize rims with five lug nuts rather than the conventional four on 4-cylinder brands. The 4-cylinder variation was included with 161 horse power (120 kW) and 160 pound-feet (220 N*m) (166 horse power (124 kW) and 161 pound-feet (218 N*m) for 2005--2007 designs) K24A1 2397 cc 4 cyl motor mated to a 5-speed automatic or 5-speed guide. The 4-cylinder engine furthermore used a timing string in place of a timing belt. For 2003, Honda started to promote a more hostile agreement Coupe, built with the 240 horsepower (180 kW) and 212 pound-feet (287 N*m) (244 horse power (182 kW) and 211 pound-feet (286 N*m) for 2006--2007 products) J30A4 2997cc V6 mated to a 6-speed manual transmission borrowed through the Acura TL means S (without a restricted slip differential). This coupe was included with 17-inch wheels (that varied amongst the 03-05 and 06-07 products), strut tower bar, perforated leather-based sitting, carbon fiber dash pieces, and an upgraded 180 watt head unit. Due to the capacity to maintain activation of the VTEC program completely hard acceleration, the Accord EX V6 6-speed ran from 0--60 miles per hour in just 5.9 moments in accordance with Car and motorist, over an extra faster compared to automated variation. For 2006, Honda supplied this motor and transmission blend inside sedan, which just lasted through 2007.

This model was also offered in Japan because the Honda motivate from 2003 to 2008. In Asia the design have the name Guangzhou-Honda agreement and had been offered from 2003 as much as December 2009.

The National Highway visitors security management (NHTSA) has actually crash test ranks of Accord of different model years:
The seventh-generation Honda agreement when it comes to European and Japanese markets is a mid-sized sedan and wagon, produced by Honda from 2002 to 2007.

This generation saw the European and Japanese agreement, earlier separate versions converge into one variation designed to become more competitive in the European markets, by adding a station truck additionally the first Honda-built diesel system offered later on with its life. Inside Japanese markets, the Accord is merged to the Torneo, so that you can considerably greatly rival its Japanese recreation sedan contemporaries for instance the Mazda Atenza and Subaru history, with a variant of larger North American Accord being sold in Japan as the Honda encourage to contend into the entry level deluxe sedan class.

The wheelbase and outside dimensions of Accord expanded in external measurements slightly, falling out of size 5 tax musical organization in Japan.

In some markets where both versions of agreement are sold, particularly in brand new Zealand and Australia, the JDM Accord is called agreement Euro to tell apart they from its united states equivalent. It became a high vendor with its class in Australian Continent, in which over 45,000 sedans were marketed between 2003 and 2008. The JDM Accord normally exported to North America and Canada, where it is offered once the Acura TSX.

If this car was in production, they competed utilizing the Opel/Vauxhall Vectra, Ford Mondeo, Volkswagen Passat, Mazda 6 therefore the Toyota Avensis.

This vehicle obtained 2002-03 Japan Car of the season.

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