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Land Rover Freelander Diesel 2006-2014 Haynes Service Repair Manual

Freelander 2 (L359; 2006--2014)
Freelander 2 (L359)
2013 Land Rover Freelander 2 (LF MY13) TD4 wagon (2015-07-03) 01.jpg
2011 Land Rover Freelander 2 TD4 (Australia)
Also called Land-rover LR2
Land-rover Freelander 2
Manufacturing 2006 -- December 2014
Construction Halewood Body & Installation, Halewood, United Kingdom
Pune, Maharashtra, Asia (CKD)
Changsu, China
Aqaba Installation Plant, Jordan
System and chassis
Human anatomy style 5-door SUV
System Ford EUCD platform
Related Volvo XC60
Volvo S80
Jaguar X-Type
Ford Mondeo
Number Rover Evoque
Engine Petrol engines:
2.0 L Ford EcoBoost 243 PS I4
3.2 L Ford SI6 233 PS I6
Diesel machines:
2.2 L Ford Duratorq 150 PS eD4
2.2 L Ford Duratorq 160 PS TD4
2.2 L Ford Duratorq 190 PS SD4
Transmission 6-speed Getrag M66EH50 guide
6-speed Aisin AWF21 automatic
Wheelbase 104.7 in (2,659 mm)
Length 177.2 in (4,501 mm)
Width 75.2 in (1,910 mm)
Level 68.5 in (1,740 mm)
Kerb fat 3,902--4,300 lb (1,770--1,950 kg)

The 2nd generation named the Freelander 2 (codename L359) debuted at 2006 British Overseas engine tv show. While the new model retained the Freelander title in Europe, it was promoted as LR2 in the united states (mirroring the advertisements of latest third generation Land Rover Discovery as LR3). A presentation at the Kensington Roof home gardens happened for journalists featuring celebrity playing tennis athlete Maria Sharapova. Production ceased at the conclusion of 2014.
2008 Land Rover LR2 (US)
2007--2010 Land-rover Freelander 2 HSE TD4 (Australian Continent)
2013 Land-rover Freelander 2 TD4 (Australian Continent)

The next generation Freelander is dependant on the Ford EUCD platform, which itself is based on the Ford C1 system. The Ford EUCD platform will soon be employed by additional future automobiles from Volvo. The system range was all-new for Freelander, featuring transversely-mounted 3.2-litre straight-six system of the Ford SI6 series, which debuted inside brand-new Volvo S80, plus the 2.2-litre DW12 common train turbodiesel engine, co-developed by Ford and PSA Peugeot Citron.

Unlike earlier Land Rovers, this vehicles are manufactured in the Halewood system & system center, near Liverpool, and was until 2009 produced alongside the Jaguar X-Type. The new Freelander properties greater ground approval and off-road features being closer to other Land Rover brands.

It's improved quality indoor with additional security qualities as standard. The Freelander 2 features a modified form of the landscapes Response off road operating system as suited to the finding 3 in addition to number Rover. The 4WD program originated in conjunction with Haldex and ended up being called 3rd generation coupling. Vehicles from the 2009 model season is installed with a modified design regarding the active on-demand coupling, known as Haldex's 4th generation.

The latest Freelander was initially marketed in U.S. in 2007 because the LR2. The 2008 variation is named the LR2 HSE. The restricted run HST have included side trim, front valance, and 19-inch rims. A Ford 3.2-litre inline six-cylinder motor producing 230 hp (170 kW) was standard, with a six-speed automated transmission and all-wheel drive. In the uk, the typical system could be the Ford 2.2-litre diesel. The TD4 form of the engine produces 150 hp (110 kW) and 160 hp (120 kW), even though the SD4 includes 190 hp (140 kW).

Inside appointments consist of an Alpine 440-watt 14-speaker surround sound audio and a 7-inch touch navigation screen choices, while the more recent products could be loaded with an Meridian audio system, which comes with a surround sound 17-speaker system with Trifield technology, creating 825 Watts.

The Meridian system can also be equipped with subwoofers and Audyssey MultEQ sound tuning system. Additionally a 5-inch colour screen are standard also during the new entry-level models. An optional cool weather package include heated forward windscreen, heated front side chairs with two warming values and heated windscreen washers. The recommended lights package include bi-xenon headlights, adaptive front-lighting, memory the motorist seat, as well as outside mirrors and strategy and puddle lights.

Freelander 2 TD4_e

The Freelander TD4_e services stop-start tech to boost gasoline economy and lower carbon emissions. The system cuts out of the motor when the vehicle are fixed, basic try chosen plus the clutch involved; the engine restarts whenever clutch pedal try depressed.

The device includes a heavy-duty starter motor that also acts as a generator to recover energy through regenerative braking this is certainly then stored in capacitors to restart the motor decreasing stress on the car's battery pack and electric system. The stop-start system became obtainable in springtime 2009 on Freelander 2 TD4 models.
Freelander 2 eD4

For the 2011 design year, the option of two-wheel drive (badged as eD4) is offered. This version also missing Terrain reaction and slope lineage controls. When it comes to 2014 design season, the Freelander gets a revised looks with a grill and newer indoor section.
Town-based people who own 4x4s and SUVs get a negative rap, with a lot of unfavorable news promotion, name-calling - 'Chelsea tractors' - and strategies by ecological groups and activists. Numerous a Freelander holder possess returned to their particular automobile to locate a 'Poor car Choice' ticket to their windscreen, the job of an organization known as the Alliance Against Urban 4x4s.

Land-rover has actually, carefully, increased to the process - not that it has much solution, because of the consumer wave turning against big fuel-thirsty vehicles anyhow - and develop a form of the Freelander 2 that, or even rather since eco-angelic given that 'e' in its name-badge suggests, was considerably less polluting and more efficient as compared to versions previously supplied. And undoubtedly, this design is within no chance affected with its off road potential, if you in fact desire or have to leave the tarmac.

The Freelander 2 TD4 _e uses the already-economical Peugeot-Citroen 2.2-litre diesel system, such as the outgoing TD4, but adds a stop-start program to instantly slice the engine when idling. This sorts element of an integral starter-generator product, with a regenerative braking function to capture power otherwise destroyed under deceleration or whenever coasting. This energy sources are kept in super-capacitors, that may release they rapidly to power an extra 24-volt electric network the starter-generator. This community is supplementary toward standard 12-volt program to run the automobile's other electric functionality.

It is a comparatively lightweight, small system to enhance a car - no large heavier battery pack packs or engines as in a full crossbreed, to begin with - which goes a way to carry of use fuel cost savings. Though at present its only fitted in the manual-transmission, diesel-engined Freelander (as traditional, at no extra cost) eventually Land Rover offer it in many more models plus their other models.

Read on most when it comes to facts and figures, as well as the low-down on what this system seems in real-life city operating practice.

EcoBoost was a family of turbocharged, direct injections fuel engines produced by the Ford engine organization and co-developed by FEV engineering.

EcoBoost-equipped engines are made to deliver horse power and torque in keeping with those of bigger displacement (cylinder volume), normally aspirated motors, with statements it could achieve around 20percent much better gas performance and 15per cent less greenhouse emissions (disputed) . Ford sees the EcoBoost tech as less costly (i.e., most profitable) plus functional than further-developing or expanding the usage of hybrid and diesel system technologies. As a result, Ford promises to use EcoBoost extensively, across a diverse range of vehicle products.

EcoBoost petrol direct-injection turbocharged system technologies adds 128 patents and patent applications to Ford's 4,618 energetic and a large number of pending U.S. patents.

The V6 EcoBoost machines are increasingly being put together at Cleveland system Plant number 1 in Brook playground, Ohio. The 2.0 L I4 EcoBoost motors are going to be produced during the Ford Valencia system Plant in Spain last year. The 1.6 L I4 EcoBoost motors will soon be made in the Ford Bridgend motor Plant in britain. The long run smaller displacement I3 EcoBoost motor would be created both within Ford Cologne motor Plant in Germany and also at Ford Romania.

By 2012, the business plans to create 750,000 EcoBoost products annually in america and 1.3 million globally in the field marketplace. Ford expected over 90-percent of its international vehicle lineup (includes us lineup) to supply EcoBoost motor tech by 2013. From the engine's beginning, to November 2012, 500,000 Ford Ecoboost motors have already been sold.
Continuing the Ford/PSA diesel system joint-venture, these straight-four machines become once more offered under the Duratorq TDCi title by Ford, and also as the HDi by Citron and Peugeot. a growth of the existing DW10/DW12 motor, this new motors have actually a conventional belt-driven system, moving away from the chain-driven camshafts regarding the previous generation (Puma) TDCi engines. Both machines use common railway diesel tech and so are the result of the 4th period associated with the cooperation between PSA and Ford (started in 1998).

Both motors utilise all-new, third-generation common railway injections systems. The 2.0 motors using a system from Siemens additionally the 2.2 something from Bosch. Both in systems the injection stress has been risen to 1800 club. This greater injection pressure, connected with latest piezo-electric injectors by which each nozzle has seven apertures (in place of five earlier), allows the number of treatments to be multiplied (potentially around six per period) and ensures meticulous uniformity of the diesel shot squirt structure. Because of this optimised air/diesel combine, combustion is more complete and more uniform, therefore reduces emissions at resource.

On the basis of the PSA DW10 system sufficient reason for a capability of 1997 cc, this system was created by Peugeot designers in France on the part of both PSA and Ford Motor team. Production happens to be taking place in France and Skvde in Sweden. The motor was released to Ford designs in 2005 Ford Focus, and observed inside 2007 Mk IV Mondeo. It features a 16-valve cylinder mind with twin belt driven camshafts (inlet camshaft connected to cambelt with exhaust camshaft ultimately connected via a timing string) and utilises a variable geometry turbocharger with overboost function. An intercooler is often present, as opposed to some programs of its predecessor.

Within the 2005 Focus, production are a respectable 136 PS (134 hp/100 kW). Into the 2007 Mondeo its supplied with 130 PS (128 hp/96 kW) or 140 PS (138 hp/103 kW), mated to a manual or 6-speed Durashift automatic gearbox. In early 2010 this 2.0 unit had been up-to-date, plus the established 138 bhp version, a 163 bhp (120 kW) with 340Nm of torque had been added to the number.
The Aisin AW TF-8# SC series try a 6 speeds automated transmission designed for used in transverse engine solutions. It's built to deal with no more than 440 N*m (324.5 ft*lbf) of torque. Its built-in Anjo, Japan. It's also called the TF-80SC (AWF21, AF40-6, AM6, AW6A-EL) and TF-81SC (AF21).

The style team attempted to develop a 6 rate automated that gels the same space as a guide gearbox. They measures 358 mm (14.1 in) in total and weighs 90 kg (198 lb). Their combined using a regular 5-pinion planetary gearset and a compound Ravigneaux gearset helps it be extremely lighter and small. This blend is recognized as a Lepelletier arrangement. The shifting of gears is handled by an advanced computer programme which oversees a clutch-to-clutch actuation. Gear modifications is achieved by one clutch engaging the instant the clutch through the past gear disengages. The transmission control module (TCM) is located within the transmission housing, as opposed to being proudly located outside they. The advantage of this will be to lessen additional wiring along with to deliver a constant environment for TCM procedure which motivates durability. One aspect of higher level nature associated with the electronic devices has reached idle, it automatically selects simple equipment to reduce inner temperatures and improves gas economy.

They utilises a particular AW-1 transmission substance which will be labelled to be maintenance free. It offers a fluid ability of 8.0 litres (1.8 imp gal; 2.1 US gal).

All wheel drive transfer instances could be fitted to the AWTF-80 SC, rendering it perfect for use within cross-over means SUVs.

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