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Nissan Patrol GU Petrol and Diesel 1998-2009 Ellery repair manual NEW

The Nissan Patrol are a number of huge four-wheel drive cars produced by Nissan in Japan since 1951. The Patrol is usually considered a hardcore and utilitarian 44 in Australia and brand new Zealand, the center East, Latin America, Africa, European countries, Japan, as well as the Caribbean, in which they competes directly with the Toyota Land Cruiser that is its biggest competitor in those markets. In the United States and Canada, it competes inside deluxe SUV section where it brings the upscale Infiniti brand.

The Patrol has been offered as either a short-wheelbase (SWB) three-door or a long-wheelbase (LWB) five-door chassis. The LWB version has also been offered in energy and taxi framework alternatives alongside the truck. Between 1988 and 1994, Ford Australia sold the Patrol since the Ford Maverick. The Maverick ended up being readily available alongside the Nissan-branded Patrol. Furthermore, in a few European countries the Patrol had been, for a short while advertised as Ebro Patrol. Since 1980, in Japan, it has been referred to as Nissan Safari (). The Patrol is available in Australian Continent, Central and South America, South Africa, components of Southeast Asia and Western European countries plus Iran and Middle East, except for North America, in which the Nissan Armada fills in inexpensive Full-size SUV sector. This season, they became for sale in united states as the upscale 2011 Infiniti QX56, which had provided the same system once the US-built Nissan Armada from 2004 to 2010.

The Y61 system is still produced as an army vehicle inside countries of Asia and the Middle East, and various variations of Patrol is trusted by us agencies. These Y61 versions are manufactured alongside the current Y62. The 4th and fifth years would be the main troop transportation motors used by the Irish Army.

The Nissan TB straight-six petrol engine was launched in 1987 since the TB42. Bore and stroke had been 96 mm 96 mm (3.8 in 3.8 in). Cubic capacity was 4169 cc (254.39 cubic inches displacement). The engine was launched with a two-barrel carburettor and a point means distributor. It was used in the Nissan Patrol Y60 and Y61 series.

In 1992 the TB42E emerged with electronic fuel injection and electric ignition. At the moment the TB42 is re-labeled as TB42S.
175 PS (129 kW; 173 bhp) @ 4200 rpm
32.6 kg*m (320 N*m; 236 lb*ft) @ 3200 rpm

TB45E and TB45S

In 1997 the TB45 was created. The cylinder bore had been risen to 99.5mm although swing remained at 96mm. It was offered as TB45S (with carburettor and electronic ignition) or TB45E (with electric gasoline injections and electric ignition).
200 PS (147 kW; 197 bhp) @ 4400 rpm
35.5 kg*m (348 N*m; 257 lb*ft) @ 3600 rpm

173 PS (127 kW; 171 bhp) @ 4400 rpm
32.0 kg*m (314 N*m; 231 lb*ft) @ 3600 rpm


In 2001 the TB48 surfaced, with 99.5mm bore, 102mm stroke and dual expense camshaft. Shadowing the mainstream TB42/45 they were circulated as basic motors, which includes seen all of them found in forklifts etc.
DOHC & variable valve timing
280 PS (206 kW; 276 bhp) @ 4200 rpm
40.8 kg*m (400 N*m; 295 lb*ft) @ 3200 rpm

Indeed, every panel except the roofing was brand-new while the modifications do not just deliver a new and contemporary design towards the Patrol and underline their hard off-road heritage.

From the front side, the modified bumper has actually a smoother, most incorporated feel with an independent vented centre part. And improving the appearances, the centre area permits a larger circulation of cooling atmosphere to reach the system, and it is angled to improve the Patrol's currently excellent strategy direction.

Sitting in addition to the latest bumper is a grille. Fashioned to follow the newest Nissan business 'face', it integrate four angled struts over a honeycomb mesh with all the Nissan badge in the middle.

To either side of the grille will be the newer fusion lamps, incorporating part and headlights, plus movement indicators. Sitting behind a definite plexiglass address, the light assemblies have actually an architecturally engineered appearance and are ruled by the horseshoe-shaped headlamp itself.

Although facelifts would end right here, changes into the Patrol continue with a new bonnet and new front wings. The bonnet has actually an increasing main area running the total width for the brand new grille while the front wings each integrate a dramatic wheel arch blister or higher fender on seven-seat variants.

a similarly bold blister can be seen over the back tires, even though the profile view associated with Patrol now incorporates an integrated side-step to help ease entry and exit to and through the passenger area (not available on DX models). More aesthetic changes include body coloured home handles and body colored rain sills on the roof.

Modifications during the back incorporate a revised and fully integrated bumper system and a redesigned quantity plate owner. A corner doorways however open up on a single third/two thirds foundation, an attribute popular by subscribers because permits accessibility the baggage area even when the car are parked near a wall or another car.

With one of these exterior modifications, the major proportions of the vehicle have modified somewhat - the Patrol truck is 5050mm long, 1940mm broad and 1855mm higher.

The principal internal modification try a completely newer dashboard construction with a more modern looks. Offered a two-tone finish -- a darker higher section contrasts because of the light reduced half -- all passenger dealing with areas now include soft-feel information generate a far more luxurious cabin atmosphere.

In front of the driver consist a four-dial tool panel comprising speedometer, tachometer plus gas and engine temperature gauges. With classic white lettering on black colored dials, suggestions through the devices is easily assimilated instantly. Some refinement originates from the nice chrome bands around each dial and the chrome finish found on all interior door handles.

Perhaps the dashboard-mounted oxygen ports have now been improved both aesthetically and functionally, commensurate with the greater luxurious experience.

Interior benefits is improved inside 2005 Patrol by adding Alcantara furniture on ST-S versions and full-leather trim on ST-L and Ti brands.

A mix of interior areas is offered to permit customers a wide chosen material colour and finishes.

Grey fabric, jet-black Alcantara or fabric with metallic trim can be acquired on ST, ST-S or ST-L products correspondingly, with jet-black leather and timber grain trim supplied on Ti variations.

Desert Sand Alcantara or leather with metallic trim emerges from the ST-S and ST-L variants respectively, while Desert Sand leather-based with timber whole grain trim emerges on Ti products.

A, sophisticated satellite navigation system, the display screen which is totally integrated into the centre dashboard for easier operation, will come in mix with a rear-facing camera on the Ti model.

2005 Nissan Patrol retains their celebrated reliability

"While improving many aspects of the Nissan Patrol making it more luxurious and desirable, it absolutely was crucial not to changes exactly what makes the automobile therefore efficient. As a result we now have perhaps not tampered with Patrol's four-wheel drive ability, its dependability as well as its authenticity. They continues to be among the toughest 4x4s available."
Patrick Pelata, Exec Vice President, Approach, Thinking and European Businesses, Nissan Motor Company Ltd.

Regardless of the addition of numerous interior appointments, the 2005 Patrol continues to be as hard so when capable as previously. That is due to the fact chassis and 4x4 transmission techniques were remaining alone: it will nevertheless rise a 39-degree gradient and wade through 700mm of liquids.

Beam axles front side and backside allow exemplary wheel articulation within the roughest terrain, even though the lengthy suspension system trips and generous surface approval all contribute to the Patrol's climbing capability.

In everyday utilize on tarmac roads, the Patrol works in two-wheel drive with energy visiting the straight back tires. At first sign of circumstances getting challenging, higher proportion four-wheel drive can be chosen on the go via an additional transmission lever from the centre system.

Important 4x4 qualities are the automated no-cost run front hubs which lessen moving weight as soon as the vehicle is within two-wheel drive thus reducing gasoline economic climate and use, but which instantly lock in when four-wheel drive was picked.

Whilst the tried and tested 4.2-litre turbo diesel and 4.8-litre petrol motors for the Patrol stay unchanged, the 3.0-litre turbo diesel, whenever mated into manual transmission, has received an useful increase of energy and torque.

Adjustment towards injection pump build, a decrease in tolerance at injector nozzle, paid down engine friction and a big change into exhaust system to reduce back-pressure have got all added to your enhanced overall performance regarding the 3.0-litre motor. The end result try a modest 2kW rise in straight-out energy, but a substantial build of 26 Nm of torque, using the overall numbers to 118kW and 380 Nm respectively. Peak torque try hit, as before, at 2,000 rpm, nevertheless enhancement was apparent completely between 1,500 and 2,500 rpm -- the conventional working area of a modern turbo-diesel engine.

This better torque is especially valued off the beaten track where mobility while the smooth shipping of masses of pulling torque at reduced system rates tend to be vital components for effective off-road driving.

Y61 (GU) models very first starred in December 1997, obtainable in 4.5 L petrol; 4.8 L petrol and 2.8 L turbo diesel, 3.0 L turbo diesel, 4.2 L diesel, 4.2 L turbo diesel, 4.2 L turbo diesel intercooler alternatives.

A few of the drive train was altered in this model. Bigger CVs, more syncros within the handbook gearboxes. The diff housings are widened to fall inline aided by the brand new physique, but diff centers stayed equivalent (H233 and H260). A few of Petrol Wagons gotten a coil type of the H260 diff but.

Benefits level were furthermore increased over GQ, especially in the seating and NVH places. In late 2004 (2005 model year) a substantial renovation model was released, with brand new headlights, field flares for each shield, and larger end lights. That same season, Nissan ended offering the Safari in Japan as a result of bad selling. Nissan also makes a two-door pickup version of the Y61 series readily available as taxi chassis sufficient reason for a method part tray in certain areas. Although a model is established, this Y61 show will still promote for offroad enthusiasts but only with few alternatives as a simple trim.

Its TB48DE engine is quite greatest and well-known among KSA and UAE tuners, in which maybe it's effortlessly altered and upgraded to levels where it might defeat some awesome vehicles generated by Lamborghini, Ferrari, Nissan etc. . In one single event a TB48DE motor had been fully changed and was able to get to over 2,000 hp (1,491 kW) when it comes to sand hills difficulties. As of 2014, Nissan stopped the 5th generation model worldwide, with the exception of Australian Continent, Southern Africa, the center East, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines & various other countries of Africa area where 4x4 will compete keenly against the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series.

The all-new, 6th generation, Y62 series Nissan Patrol was released on 13 February 2010 at a VIP event in Abu Dhabi. A luxury version (Z62) was sold due to the fact Infiniti QX56 from 2010, that has been later renamed the Infiniti QX80 in 2013. The Y62 was launched in the united states in Armada nameplate in 2016, for 2017 design seasons. It was introduced within 2016 Chicago automobile show towards people market as an alternative for the Nissan Armada (WA60).

The Y62 was running on VK56VD (5.6-litre) V8 with 400 hp (298 kW) and 560 N*m (410 ft*lbf), with features including "VVEL" Variable Valve occasion and carry and "DIG" fuel direct injections, and mated to a seven-speed automatic. A variable 44 mode package allows switching between four drive modes: sand, on-road, rock and snowfall, with all the movie of a switch. And a "Hydraulic Body Motion controls program" system can be acquired. Also available tend to be an electronic-locking rear differential, hill begin and mountain descent control, in addition to lane-departure warning, computers assisted braking and stability controls. The Infiniti version launched in america in 2010, initial Patrol offered indeed there since the 60 show. The Nissan Patrol version established in Australia in early 2013.

The Nissan Patrol is offered in four various amounts of trim in the Middle East: XE, SE, LE, and City Package. In Australia the Ti and Ti-L trim levels are offered, and previously the ST-L.

In 2014, an important facelift appeared, with modified tail lighting, globe housings and integral LED headlights. Unique tan indoor had been added and brand new units of tires.

Nissan in addition has introduced a limited-run Patrol Ebony Special version that will be offered in 200 devices. These cars will come several improvements like red chairs, chrome detailing and a black matte external paint plan.
The VK56VD was a 5.6 L (5552 cc) 32-valve, DOHC, Direct Injection Gasoline (DIG) aluminum-alloy V8 and properties Nissan's advanced level VVEL (adjustable device celebration & carry System). The direct injections program provides much better wide-open throttle overall performance and enhanced gas economy and emissions results by reducing system knock, increasing burning stability and managing injection much more exactly. The engine is created at Nissan's Yokohama system center.

The VK56DE are a 5.6 L (5552 cc) version built-in Decherd, Tennessee. Bore are 98 mm (3.9 in) and swing are 92 mm (3.6 in). Production try 317 hp - 320 hp (227 kW) at 4900 rpm with 385 to 393 lb*ft (522-533 Nm) of torque at 3600 rpm. It's aluminum-alloy block and heads and low-friction molybdenum-coated pistons. The valvetrain try a dual expense cam (DOHC) build with a continuously adjustable valve timing control program (CVTCS) on the intake valves. In addition possess 4 valves per cylinder with micro-finished camshafts and ductile iron cylinder liners for increasing durability.

A revitalised design for Nissan's 2005 Patrol Nissan's renowned Patrol four-wheel drive truck has gotten extensive internal and external design updates, an innovative new specs framework and latest pricing for the 2005 design season.

Furthermore, a modification into preferred 3.0-litre turbo diesel motor regarding the Patrol has grown power by 3.4% to 118kW and torque by 7.3per cent to 380 Nm on manual transmission brands to boost on-road performance and off road capability.

Based on Shiro Nakamura, Senior Vice President and Head of Design for Nissan engine team, "The Patrol is known across the world as a difficult performing and genuine 4x4, but owners nevertheless expect a degree of benefits and deluxe. The latest Patrol provides these with the best of both globes."

And real into build blueprint, the 2005 Patrol brings luxury, comfort and genuine four-wheel drive capacity in spades.

Core on new-look 2005 Patrol are the substantial additional changes which go better beyond what exactly is expected of the standard facelift. Every outside panel, club the roofing, is altered on all seven-seat alternatives.

There's a bold new face with Nissan's trademark "four-wheel drive families" grille, three-dimensional headlamps and modified front fender and bonnet. A appearance rear- end integrate a built-in backside bumper and newly designed back permit plate finisher. In profile, the prominent front and rear over-fenders, built-in part actions and newer 17-inch alloy wheels give the Patrol another appearance.

But possibly the biggest adjustment are available within the automobile. Although the Patrol stays a difficult off road automobile in mind, the 2005 Patrol possess an all-new inside featuring higher quality materials, higher convenience and more equipment.

The key indoor changes try a completely brand new dashboard set up with affords a more contemporary appearance and integrate a new instrument panel, shut-vents, and a centralised C-Cluster. The seating were redesigned to give higher comfort and assistance and brand new Alcantara and leather trim are available on chosen models. An innovative new center system with higher armrest, new trim and home manages contribute to the highest quantities of occupant benefits.

An all-new satellite navigation system with rear-facing digital camera was included in the top-of-the-line variant, and it is readily available as an alternative on all other seven-seat brands.

Rear-seat guests aren't forgotten both, with redesigned seating and a better armrest cup-holder and handy flip-down dining table suited to a corner of forward chair on chosen variants.

Nissan's Patrol truck line-up has gotten a new gradient construction, using five-seat DX and seven-seat ST, ST-S, ST-L and Ti variants creating the range.

DX and ST variants were powered by Nissan's well-known and now improved ZD30 3.0-litre turbo diesel system, or perhaps the tough and reliable TD42 4.2-litre inter-cooled turbo diesel motor.

The ST-S and ST-L can be obtained using the further range of Nissan's class-leading TB48 4.8-litre petrol system, which yields an impressive 185kW @ 4800 rpm and 420Nm of torque @ 3600 rpm. The luxurious Ti variant can be obtained with all the V8 beating 4.8-litre engine only.

A five-speed handbook or four-speed automatic transmission is present utilizing the ZD30 motor, the TD42 motor obtains the five-speed handbook transmission plus the TB48 system can be acquired with either a five-speed manual or a 5-speed automated transmission with manual move mode on ST-S and ST-L brands. The Ti model obtains the 5-speed automobile with manual change mode only.

And Nissan's formidable track record of four-wheel driving ability in even the toughest problems remains unchallenged, with all the tried-and-true combination of a part-time four-wheel drive program, coil-spring suspension with front and back stabilizer pubs and impressive suspension stroke for higher wheel articulation standard over the number.

The entry-level five-seat variation, the DX Patrol wagon, furthermore obtains a 2005 model year makeover with a contemporary new front bumper and substantial panel changes. The DX maintains their existing choice of either split rims with 7.50R168PR tyres (manual variations), spoked metal wheels with 235/80R16 tyres (automatic alternatives) or recommended 265/70R16 wide tires on both handbook and auto alternatives.

The comfortable and useful indoor associated with DX Patrol truck gets latest cloth trim and maintains a high grade of traveler and driver appointments, including air-conditioning, motorists airbag, main locking, energy mirrors and CD player as standard qualities.

The seven-seat ST variation comes standard with all the new 275/65R17 rims and tyres, power microsoft windows, driver and passenger airbag, brand new moquette chair trim, cruise control (TB48 and TD42 models best), CD athlete, keyless entry and color coded bumpers.

Patrol's new ST-S variant adds Alcantara chair trim, an ABS braking program together with latest seat-back table, whilst ST-L model supplies the additional comfort and convenience of leather chair trim, energy front side chairs and back air-conditioning.

However for the driver who would like all of it, Nissan's top-of-the-line Ti could be the response, with luxurious appointments rivalling far more pricey cars. A satellite navigation program with rear camera, rear seat DVD program, in-dash six-stacker CD with six speakers, power tilt/slide sunroof and side influence airbags are all standard on Nissan's prestigious four-wheel drive leading.

The 2005 Patrol will likely be available in a selection of stylish tints, including light, Platinum, wilderness silver, Burgundy and latest tones classic Bronze, blue-slate and Black Obsidian.

Rates for 2005 Patrol guarantees the vehicle continues to portray exemplary worth within the Australian market, with numerous specs added to different alternatives, usually at minimal -- or no -- increase into the best retail price of the earlier model.

As an example, the TD42 ST variants now see a traveler airbag at no extra price, while the TB48 ST-S variant gets passenger airbag and ABS braking for the same price whilst the older model ST variant.

"the look refreshment gave a modern look to the latest Patrol but simultaneously it has accentuated the 'Patrol-ness' associated with automobile, offering they a tougher and more integrated search."
Shiro Nakamura, Senior Vice President and Mind of Design, Nissan Motor Organization


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