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Peugeot 308 Petrol & Diesel 2007 - 2012 Haynes Owners Service and Repair Manual

The Peugeot 308 was a little family members vehicle created by the French car producer Peugeot. It was revealed on 5 Summer 2007 and established in September 2007. Their developing code is "venture T7", and is the first vehicle of this X08 generation of Peugeot products. The 308 functions a variety of petrol and diesel engine choices. In March 2011, the 308 received a facelift and it premiered within Geneva engine tv show. A moment generation ended up being unveiled in 2013 plus it is granted given that 2014 European Car of the Year.

Established due to the fact replacement for the Peugeot 307 generally in most intercontinental markets, the brand new vehicle was in relation to the old 307's framework, but have newer bodywork and it is somewhat extended and wider. Its coefficient of drag is 0.29, and possesses a five-star Euro NCAP score. Following the 2011 facelift, the drag-factor was paid down to 0.28.

The 308 HDi holds the Guinness world-record of the very fuel-efficient mainstream car currently in production, creating averaged 3.13 litres per 100 kilometres (90 mpg-imp; 75 mpg-US) over a length of 14,580 kilometer (9,060 mi), but Peugeot ran foul of Uk marketing and advertising guidelines by claiming 126 mpg-imp (2.24 L/100 kilometer; 105 mpg-US) in an advertisement for vehicle.

The 308 was manufactured in France within Mulhouse and Sochaux production facilities. Additionally, it is manufactured in Kaluga, Russia, for neighborhood market, since 2010, and El Palomar, Argentina, when it comes to Southern American markets since 2012. The 307 stays in production for several nations, specifically those that favor saloon bodies, like Asia.
Human anatomy kinds
Peugeot 308 CC
Dongfeng-Peugeot 308 Sedan in China
Peugeot 308 (2011--2013)

The 308 is available as a 5-door hatchback, with a 3-door restricted to some areas. This year, Peugeot announced the return of a GTI model (referred to as GT within the UK), featuring a turbocharged 1.6 L motor with 200 bhp (149 kW; 203 PS).

a station wagon concept form of the 308, the Peugeot 308 SW Prologue, was also revealed in the 2007 Frankfurt engine Show.The production version ended up being revealed at 78th Overseas Geneva engine Show in March 2008 and proceeded purchase that summer. The 308 SW (or 308 Touring in Australian Continent) comes in a 5 or 7 chair models.

An additional variation of this X08 framework used by the 308 is an SUV or an MPV called 3008.

A cabriolet with a retractable hardtop known as the 308 CC changed the Peugeot 307 CC inside spring of 2009. The roofing folds into the boot in 20 seconds, and at as much as speeds of 7.5 mph (12.1 km/h). With the roof up the boot room capacity are 465 litres but this reduces to 266-litres aided by the roof down.

In September 2011 Peugeot has provided for Chinese markets a four-door sedan version of the 308. This variation created for Chinese marketplace by Dongfeng is based on 308 facelift but differs through the European design, with large front grille, additional chrome on the hips and various model of the LED end lights. The interior try just like the European design. The engine range includes two petrol 1.6 16V 110 hp and 143 hp 2.0 16V. The trunk area have a volume of 502 liters. The Peugeot 308 sedan, marketed at 160.000 devices in 3 years, joins the Peugeot 408 in Asia, a C-segment vehicle with a somewhat higher cost.
2011 renovation

A facelifted 308 premiered in-may 2011 following the general public launch at 2011 Geneva engine Show with a new forward end and small changes to the back associated with the vehicle. Peugeot furthermore launched the 308 e-HDI micro-hybrid design with stop-start technology, a system to recuperate energy during deceleration and a hybrid battery pack that brings further power on start-up. A complete crossbreed 3008 was also revealed at exactly the same time. The version manufactured in south usa was assembled with this facelift.

The renovation has also been given to 308 SW and 308 CC.

Prince could be the codename for a family of automobile straight-4 engines created jointly by BMW and PSA Peugeot Citron. It is a tight motor category of 1.4--1.6 L in displacement and includes most contemporary properties like gasoline direct injection, turbocharging, BMW VANOS and adjustable valve time.

The existing BMW variants of Prince engine are referred to as N13 / N16 and N18. It replaced the Tritec system family members when you look at the Mini and was initially introduced in 2006 for MINI. Later in 2011 also for BMW systems F20 116i and 118i. This was 1st longitudinal motor mount selection for Prince system.

PSA has begun to utilize the Prince household in 2006 to change their TU family --- the Peugeot 207 being the initial automobile to get they.

The machines' components are manufactured by PSA at their Douvrin, France, center, with MINI and BMW engine construction at Hams Hall in Warwickshire, UK. The co-operation was announced on 23 July 2002 using first engines manufactured in 2006. The Prince system task isn't associated with the Prince Motor team.

In belated 2006, an expansion associated with the collaboration amongst the two teams had been established, promising new four-cylinder machines, without additional facts.

On 29 September 2010, it had been announced by BMW the 1.6Turbo form of the Prince motor would-be supplied from 2012 to Saab for use in upcoming products, mainly the 9-3. Nevertheless with all the closure of SAAB offer never begun.

During the Geneva car Show 2011, Saab unveiled their particular latest concept automobile Saab PhoeniX with BMW Prince motor 1.6T 200 hp

On 25 June 2014 1.6-litre turbo Prince motor won their eighth consecutive International motor of the season Award in 1.4 to 1.8-litre category. In 2014 the Prince motor overcome, and others, this new BMW B38 motor that is replacing the Prince engine inside Mini and BMW lineups.


The Duratorq DLD-414 (or DV4) are a 1.4 L (1398 cc/85 cu in) straight-4 turbo-Diesel. Result was 50 kW (67 hp) at 4500 rpm and 160 N*m (117 lb*ft) at 2000 rpm.

The DV4 comes in two models:

One, an 8-valve build, utilizes a Borg-Warner KP35 turbocharger but no intercooler. This is actually the exact same turbocharger due to the fact Renault K9K Diesel. Its Euro 3 compliant, but will receive a Diesel particulate filter from 2006 to make it Euro 4 compliant. In Ford, Mazda, & most PSA programs they makes use of a Siemens SID804 or SID802 typical railway injection system. In certain PSA applications a Bosch common rail program can be used.
A second version makes use of a DOHC 16-valve build, with an intercooled adjustable geometry turbocharger. This engine uses Delphi Corp.'s DCR1400 common-rail injections system. This derivation will not feel built from 2006, as it will not be able to conform to the EURO4 laws.


8-valve non-intercooled, 55 PS (54 hp/40 kW) and 96 lb*ft (130 N*m)
2005--2008 Citron C1/Peugeot 107/Toyota Aygo 1.4 HDi
8-valve non-intercooled, 68 PS (67 hp/50 kW) and 111 lb*ft (150 N*m)
2003--2009 Citron C2 1.4 HDi
8-valve non-intercooled, 68 PS (67 hp/50 kW) and 118 lb*ft (160 N*m)
2002--2009 Citron C3 1.4 HDi
2002--2008 Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCi
2002--2008 Ford Fusion (European) 1.4 TDCi
2002--2009 Peugeot 206 1.4 HDi
2005--2009 Peugeot 1007 1.4 HDi
2004 Citroen Xsara 1.4 HDI
2002--2007 Mazda 2/Demio 1.4D
2008--present Mazda 2/Demio 1.4D
2007--present Ford (India) 1.4 TDCi Fiesta, furthermore marketed due to the fact Ikon in Southern Africa.
2008--present Ford Bantam TDCi commercial automobile in South Africa.
16-valve intercooled, 90 PS (89 hp/66 kW) and 147 lb*ft (200 N*m)
2001--2005 Citron C3 1.4 HDi 16V
2002--2005 Suzuki Liana 1.4 DDiS

A semi-automatic transmission (SAT) (also called a clutchless handbook transmission, automatic guide transmission, flappy-paddle gear shift, or paddle-shift gearbox) are a vehicle transmission that does not changes gears automatically, but instead facilitates manual equipment adjustment by dispensing using the need certainly to push on a clutch pedal simultaneously as changing gears. They uses electric detectors, pneumatics, processors and actuators to execute gear shifts on feedback from the driver or by a computer. This removes the necessity for a clutch pedal which the motorist otherwise needs to depress before making a gear modification, considering that the clutch is actuated by electric equipment which could synchronise the timing and torque necessary to make fast, smooth gear shifts. The device was created by car brands to give a much better driving skills through quickly overtaking maneuvers on highways. Some motorcycles also utilize something with a conventional gearchange but without the need for manual clutch procedure.

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