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Motorcaravan Manual

Motorcaravan Manual

Hardcove - 208 pages - This radically updated third edition encompasses the very latest developments in motorcaravans. It is full of practical information for both new and experienced owners and includes an overview of models, maintenance and repairs on habitation elements, explanations of construction methods, practical advice concerning appliances, and detailed descriptions of motorcaravan supply systems. The content is invaluable for owners of both leisure vehicles based on van conversions and coachbuilt models constructed on a separate chassis. Guidance is also given on accessories, weight restrictions, modifications, restoration work and self-build projects. Includes: * Base vehicles, weight issues and changing legislation. * Comparisons of different chassis, suspension systems, and running gear. * Descriptions of body repairs, window installations, and preventative maintenance. * Weight constraints, weighbridge information, legal issues, and safety. * Habitation service work, tips for extending the working life of a motorcaravan. * Updates on gas systems, pressures, regulators and supply blockages. * Practical advice on heating appliances, water systems and refrigeration. * Accessories such as solar panels, towbars, trailers, storage products and security. * Directory of useful addresses.

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