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The Magnificent 7 (3rd Edition)

The Magnificent 7 (3rd Edition)

Hardcover - 208 pages. colour & b/w illustrations. - Getting behind the wheel of a Caterham Seven is one of the most exhilarating experiences imaginable for a keen driver. The third edition of this well-respected and informative book includes details of the models produced in the six years since the second edition was published, and gives a full model listing, specification and driving impressions for each of the Lotus and Caterham Sevens, together with a guide to purchase and restoration, a summary of the main developments, and useful contacts. Key Content * Further to the various versions of the Lotus-built Seven, and more than 60 models produced under the Caterham identity. * In 1973, the company, then owned by Graham Nearn, took over the manufacturing rights from Lotus and has carried on developing this 'back-to-basics' sports car ever since. * Detailed coverage of each of the cars, from the original Lotus Seven S1 Ford through to the Caterham 50th anniversary models. * A timeline of main developments: chassis, engine, transmission, suspension. * Caterham kits and race cars. * Fully updated to include models produced since 2007, including Superlight Sigma, Axon Automotive, X330, Superlight R500, RS Levante, CDX Limited Edition, Superlight R300, Roadsport 175, CSR 175, Lambretta Special- there is more detail about this item at the full website (you are viewing a mobile version)

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