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Holden HOLDEN 1971-78 HQ HJ HX HZ repair manual - Ellery NEW

About the Holden HQ

The HQ series of 1971 was a completely new design, introducing larger 173 and 202 cubic inch (2.84 and 3.3 L) six-cylinder engines, with the availability of 253 and 308 cubic inch (4.2 and 5.0 L) V8 engines from the earlier model. HQ was the most radically re-engineered Holden since the introduction of the original model, the 48-215. It featured a perimeter frame and semi-monocoque (unibody) construction, and was the first full-size Holden to have coil spring rear suspension. As a cost saving measure, HQ was only engineered for right-hand drive, hence it was not possible to sell the car in left-hand drive markets. Thus Holden exports declined from 1973’s 41,181 to just 7,440 in 1975.Despite this, HQ was Holden's most popular car selling 485,650 units, a total yet to be surpassed in a Holden. It was however, sold over a longer timeframe than previous models.

At the time, Holden's then Managing Director, an American named George Roberts, insisted that the HQ Holdens should "ride like a Cadillac" and that the front suspension be engineered to make the car prone to understeer for "safety reasons". Advertising of the car promoted its "jet-smooth ride" over rough roads. Notwithstanding persistent criticism from many motoring journalists, this policy persisted with the subsequent HJ and HX facelift models. It was arguable whether Australian buyers favoured this engineering philosophy and it was not until the 1977 HZ facelift that radical changes were made to the suspension to improve handling. Later in its production life during 1973, Holden released a special edition version of the HQ Kingswood sedan and wagon, named Vacationer. This value package of options proved popular and ended up making return appearances in various Holden cars during the next twenty years or so. Holden, in 1974 introduced the Sandman, a version of the panel van designed to incorporate many of the features of the Monaro, such as sports instrumentation, sports steering wheel and bucket seats, and "rally" road wheels with a choice of two six cylinder and two V8 engines. Other available options included automatic transmission, power steering, and air-conditioning. Sandmans were visually identified by stick-on vinyl decals on the exterior. Although manufactured in conjunction with the utility models, the panel van is externally similar to a station wagon, save for the lack of side windows and side rear doors and seats, and a noticeably higher roofline. It gained notoriety during the latter half of the 1970s as a mobile venue for sexual intercourse. Vans earned nicknames as shaggin' wagons and sinbins.

In 1971 CKD HQ production started in Thailand. HQ's were also CKD manufactured in Indonesia and the Philippines for many years. The huge model range included: Belmont Sedan, Belmont Station Wagon, Belmont Panel Van, Belmont Utility, Kingswood Sedan, Kingswood Station Wagon, Kingswood Utility, SS Sedan, Premier Sedan, Premier Station Wagon, Holden Chassis and Cab, Monaro Coupe, Monaro GTS Coupe, Monaro GTS 350 Coupe, Monaro LS ('Luxury Sports') Coupe, Monaro GTS Sedan, Statesman Sedan and Statesman De-Ville Sedan.

Holden Red Motor

Superseding the Grey motor, the Red motor was manufactured between 1963 and 1980. Denoted by the cylinder block painted red, the engine debuted in the Holden EH in capacities of 149 cubic inches (2.44 L) and 179 cubic inches (2.93 L) (or HP) producing 100 brake horsepower (75 kW) and 115 brake horsepower (86 kW) respectively. This was a power increase of 33 per cent and 53 per cent over the previous motor. The HP was the high performance version of the early red motors. Once larger capacity engines, notably the 186, were introduced, the HP casting in the block was changed to the capacity of the engine. HP cast blocks were also available in early 308 V8s, as they were the new High Performance V8 as opposed to the 253 cid V8.

Holden 1971-78 HQ HJ HX HZ Ellery Repair Manual 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978


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